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  1. I can now go to sleep. Finished today's quest and caught my two Christmas eggs! Merry Christmas everyone! Thank you to everyone who contributed in making this day come true
  2. Woot got my two from Alpine and Coast. Omgosh they're beautiful!! Can't wait for it to hatch
  3. Why you no let me keep Quark???? ;_;
  4. Why isn't my day three working?? I went back home then restarted the game twice and still nothing.
  5. This makes me sad but I guess I'll just have to deal with my badge of coal, makes me different from other members buwahaha
  6. You can. I just bought me some children nuggets
  7. Here's the cat for the ones who need it.
  8. I chose to be naughty i kept the cat...shhh.
  9. First time this year and I have to say, not so bad. One out of three adults was all I went for since I started out too late. http://dragcave.net/lineage/cfOJ6 Wanted some hatchlings but found out about zombies too late I'll try again next year though
  10. I've also had problems with clicking but I've finally found the solution. In the very left corner there are two arrows (>>) you just have to try your best to keep clicking exactly at those arrows and they'll appear in the box above the brewing pot. Hope this helps I'm using my iPad by the way...
  11. I, xxSranhayo, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  12. I solemnly swear that I, xxSranhayo will never view bomb other players' dragons and I will not add any eggs or hatchling to any hatcheries without the owners' express permission.