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  1. OK, now, I know I am a new user, but, judging by the amount of CB rares I have obtained in such a short time, I think I am qualified to give some advice. Step 1: Learn the descriptions Reaction times and internet speeds aren't the only things that matter. If you learn the rare descriptions by heart, you won't take as long to identify the rare and click. That gives you a huge advantage over people who have to read the description in full. Step 2: Ethernet cables This isn't a problem unless you have slow internet. I don't use Ethernet cables, and I can obtain CB rares. However, if you have bad internet, hard wire your PC to your router with an Ethernet cable. It will greatly increase loading speeds and make it that much easier to get a rare. Ethernet cables are availible online and Radio Shack or Home Depot probably has them. Step 3: Accept your doing it wrong The F5 method can work, but I have a much better one. Get all thoughts of F5 out of your head. Step 4: Learn the better way OK, by far the best way to catch CB rares is to do this. Hover over the biome in which the desired CB rare can be caught, or the biome with the least amount of people if you're not going for anything specific. Now, look at you clock. The second the time changes to a multiple of 5, drag your mouse over the egg on the far right. Then, quickly glance at the description. If it's a rare, click, and receive! You won't be the fastest every time, but this method in my experience works more than 50% of the time. Step 5: Identify which eggs may be taken This is the last step. If you don't get a rare, or even if you do, click around the biomes, and look for any rare or BSA eggs. Try to snatch the rares, and if not, keep refreshing the biome that has a BSA egg in it (if any do). That BSA egg will be taken soon, and a rare might drop. I have gotten 10% of my rares either 10 seconds or a minute after the drop by doing this. Step 6: Enjoy! You now have defeated the ultimate challenge, catching CB rares on DC with consistency. Tell your friends, your family, and the president.
  2. Poll and title explains it all, just your opinions. I think once you get out of college that's it. No more. It get's really weird then.
  3. This didn't happen to me, but I had to share... On Twitter I saw someone tweet ran out of candy, giving out potatoes. She was holding up a shoprite bag filled with mini-potatoes. This gets the award... I think.
  4. I was going to get a male and a female zombie, but I could only bring myself to make one... Still pretty cool, and I (as messed up as this sounds) imagined the dragons committed suicide and I was trying to give them a second chance at life. I dunno, worked for me. I had a lot of dodges, and a three deaths before I got a zombie. Here she is! EDIT: Why is the original sprite so much cooler than the current one?
  5. Two power bars, three lollipop=like candies, two Hot-Pockets, a bowl of pasta, and a chocolate bar.
  6. Two waffles with Nutella (this thread is so degrading if your immature lol).
  7. The words "Look left" above an arrow pointing right to the words "I said left idiot."
  8. Before I answer this simple and straightforward question, let me give a long-drawn-out story first for suspense. It was 12:00 am, and I slowly cracked open my door. As not to wake the animals up, I crept haltingly across the wooden floorboards, wincing whenever one creaked. I began my descent down the stairs. I could see nothing at this point, so I relied on my sense of the layout of my house to guide me. I finally made it down to the second floor, and exhaled in relief. I walked over to the refridgerator now, not caring about the noise I made. I opened the refridgerator door, and low and behold there was... Nothing.
  9. One does not simply cast a ring into Mordor (ahem, Gandalf).
  10. Slow Sand and Ice Thyme result in a green potion that changes the sprite of any adult dragon to an egg.
  11. I don't believe in baptism, I'm the leader if a cult called Your Holyness where we worship a piece of swiss cheese.
  12. You can add people as a buddy if you want quick access to messaging them, and every good stalker knows about the find all posts by this member feature I know its not the same, but just throwing some ideas out there of how you can simulate following or friending someone.
  13. Pookie, I have developed an irrational fear of people quoting me... What do I do?
  14. ~Eggspam removed; please use /lineage/ links for growing dragons by replacing /view/ with/lineage/ in the url~ /qW3Sa][/url] Kinda neat Xenowyrm
  15. Didn't have lunch I woke up at 11:00 and had a late breakfast.
  16. I have not had a problem getting rare eggs, I just snagged three CB rares last night. My reflexes are fast, but not bot-fast, so I don't really think this is a prominent issue.
  17. Awesome. ~Off-topic spam removed: Site Discussion is for cave talk - General Discussion is not~
  18. Two hot pockets (proudly the most immature player on DC forums since this thread)
  19. I just caught two cb blusangs and a cb gold so i would say im on a roll
  20. view/Fq6sK view/h8lRz view/vSy1C Wasn't even joking ~Eggspam Removed~
  21. The local demons called me a nerd for playing Dragon Cave EDIT: Well damn... Just caught a cb blusang linwurm and a gold dragon... WTF just got another blusang what is this???