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  1. 105. Rename all Trotsky's To 'You're Not Sugar You Won't Melt #???"
  2. 9266 *BOOM* I lived in East Texas oilfields. One night, the house shook like someone had run a truck through the wall. An long 'empty' (outgassing) oilfield tank explode about ten miles away, because people climbed up there to smoke cigarettes. Ignited the fumes. A couple of years back when the Texas City refinery exploded (again) and there was an evacuation order, and the national news showed doorcam footage, I was like 'that really does not show what it's like to be there when it hapnens.' Like Lagie and the photo of a neighbor who photographed a fish swimming pa
  3. To-Do lists always exceed your time, energy level, and budget. Too much stuff that needs fixing. And there's a lot of life that exists because of the what-didn't-get-done. IKR? I think hormone blockers should be like Pez dispensers, not OMGPOLITICALBAN!!!1! Life is hard enough without regular hormone terrorist attacks. My quality of life would have been much improved without horny classmates deeply invested in playing social/sexual status games, ya know?
  4. I have a bad day. How do I boycott my own hormones?
  5. Headed For A Heartbreak (Winger) 😔
  6. 🤬 You offer what the trader asks for and the trader immediately rejects it. Over a common CB. I wish there was a way to block certain traders. The only common CB hatchlings that become worth more because they hatched on your scroll are TJ's. No direct communication in Trading Hub is probably the best thing ever, otherwise there'd be a lot of burnt scrolls.
  7. False, but check back in a couple of days. TPBM has no clue what their TPBM statement would be when they decided to participate.
  8. Killed The Roses With The Weeder - Just because you're male doesn't mean you should be trusted with the yardwork
  9. I Won't Remain Unnamed Forever Darn. I thought that one had an all unnamed lineage.
  10. You're not the only one having this problem. Other people, including me, have noticed mixed breed pairs are producing the same breed of egg every time they are bred. I tried breeding a Carina last night. I got 3 eggs out of 7 pairs of dragons. All 3 were Tan Ridgewings from purple Ridewing x Blue Nebula.
  11. Yay! *hugs* 🤭 Even The Nights Are Better (Air Supply)
  12. I've never needed to tote an emergency prune with me. Should I?
  13. 103. All eggs in the AP now look like Stone/Geode eggs, but show codes. No more quick grabs of the most desirable eggs. Now you got to pick them up to see what breed they are. Hello, time sink!
  14. At least someone remembers me. When The Last Teardrop Falls (Blaque)
  15. durian? *looks up guinep* Those are some weird grapes.
  16. Doesn't that actually make them prone to going bad faster or sprouting roots? WTH? *thinks* I like prunes. They are sticky and like to stick together, but still... no, don't do that.
  17. Happens all the time, Syiren. Been guilty of doing that myself. On the other hand, I've got a trade that requested a specific 2G combo in exchange for a CB hatchling .... and it's been days and the hatchling they have can grow up *any* time now. In fact, I expected it to mature a couple of hours ago. Meanwhile, back at the ranch... 😄 That's uncanny.