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  1. Keep missing nice things on the DC Community Notice Board. I just don't have the umph in me.
  2. Yeah... seeing that half red fire bar again now... I am pretty sure around day two or three I had seen it like that... briefly, but I swear I saw a red fire bar before this. I still think that the reason the weather has been warm is because of Ice winning, though. My mind still says, you'd gather tons of Ice Mana to keep cool during a hot spell,.In turn, you'd gather Fire Mana to keep warm.
  3. ^ Ah... I've seen real snow... once. At least, it was real enough to stick to the ground and make a snow turtle out of. My neighbors tried to make a snowman, but it was all muddy. Though the memory is distant, I was still relieved to come inside again to warm up my damp, frozen hands and feet. Just as much as hot weather can be a pain, cold weather can be just as brutal.
  4. Some of that may be real life getting in the way as some players may no longer have vacation days. I've admittedly not been participating in much today due to health-related concerns.
  5. I wouldn't mind it if I were that age, but no. 15?
  6. It is funny how I thought I didn't fear death back when I was around eleven or twelve... Nowadays I fear it more than anything else... It all just takes perspective...
  7. Hm... I am kind of curious as to the reasons people have picked what teams they are supporting...
  8. Submitted a puzzle now. Needs 6% more for an unlock. Grr...
  9. I've actually seen the red fire bar... it was about half full. It is not a myth!
  10. I'm all the more certain that California would not be the place for me. *Nods* Hm... guess it is time to take a break on dragon renaming and do a puzzle.
  11. Nice. *Eyes picture...* An amusement park... *Tries to focus on what beach is available and the tides...*
  12. Submitted a Fire as well. There are too few Fire posters at the moment it feels...
  13. Read up on aphantasia. The word is new, but I've had it all my life. Meditation, mental transportation, Savasana, imagine with your mind's eye... I can't do that.
  14. Ah... that is quite understandable. I've fortunately have never encountered any kind of wildfires due to extremely hot weather. I've seen and heard news of them around the continent I live on, but I'm not located in such areas. It is often dry here, however and not often do we see rain... -__-