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  1. Team Fire and Team Ice are cute sometimes. I may miss them when this is over.
  2. One can't change the past, but if a Prize Dragon was an all go deal, I would have made it something individual players could work for. As mentioned in that post about bringing about new prize types (platinum and shiz)... It wouldn't be like the 2010 voting thing - that was faultier than the actual Raffle. It wouldn't be a Raffle either. While the game does have the aspect of luck in it, the eggs we get are mostly based on our own efforts. Those who won before, sure... you won the prize fair and square. Those who want to keep the Raffle, that can be fine as well as some people may or may not have lady luck on their side. For a "main" way to distribute prizes? I'd go with how some of the forum-based prizes work: This month obtain this many common dragon. Can't put int he time? That is okay, the Raffle is still in place, just less chances to win via the Raffle and more chances if you compete.
  3. I wasn't around when the whole Raffle thing started via the game or the board, so I am glad I missed the drama there... Though Raffles and Prizes... I cannot say I care for those. The prize dragons are beautiful, but the game play around them are ridiculous. Just looking at the trade community here gets depressing (especially this past Christmas) when someone thinks they have something of worth and ask only for 2nd Gen Prizes or 2nd Gen Spriter Alts. If how prizes are obtained in this game relied on the individual player (like collecting this amount of common breed in this amount of time) and not on raffles or popularity (2010 - yes, I say popularity on that because sure, DC players voted, but you had some vote on a handful of trees they saw with no comparison or equal distribution. I voted, but I probably saw only 0.000001% of all the trees entered.), I'd possibly be a bit "okay" with this idea. Outside of that, no.
  4. Bleep (I see my Gyrate took things to an interesting turn. :D)
  5. 39? 5 is too low. I didn't start playing with the Internet until I was twelve.
  6. It happens. May I ask that you not call me Nyxi? Anyway... 771
  7. To a certain degree I still envy how other animals are able to live in the moment all the time. Crying two evenings due to wariness of the future is very troubling. Sigh...
  8. Ah... so I was right about the picture posting. Eh... I still say... "Balance!" Again, as I've noted in the holiday thread... I still believe Team Ice is causing the warm weather in the story... I may b wrong, but this is nearly a gut feeling now. If it is true... Irony, yo. IRONY.
  9. I've theorized and have noted that on occasions on this. 'Nice to see some agree!
  10. Congratulations on another 2G Bronze! Send some 3Gs to the AP when you can!
  11. Hm... both my parents are sick. Then there is me... Well, I guess that is the good thing about be a hermit.
  12. Keep missing nice things on the DC Community Notice Board. I just don't have the umph in me.