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  1. Good to know so many people are getting into the spirit. *Eyes Stellaluna22 specifically* I must say, I am getting nervous, though.
  2. From my vague recollection, he doesn't. You just have to do your best. And yes, we are so horrible... poor pixel sprites with faces and sometimes names have no rights. *Pets them* We are soooo bad.
  3. Good luck to all of us! *Crosses fingers again* People need to stop and think a moment at times: To expect an Undead or Neglected DRAGON from a DINOSAUR?
  4. Five adults down... I can only hope for the best. Please, please, please... *Crosses fingers*
  5. I'm heart broken about the Easter Kitty eggs too.
  6. Despite not being a newbie to the Dragon Cave, I am one on lineages... I found a checker for inbreeding... I'm becoming a bit depressed and I have only checked about two handfuls already. -__- Most of my frozen hatchlings are CB or PB and it is the adults that wind up the IB... Oi. Note: I don't mind having inbred eggs, but I'd like to keep a decent ratio of CB, PB and IB at least.
  7. The reason I put separate is so it wouldn't interfere with the DCave, thus causing a great deal of lag. Also, in note, it was written as semi-separate. While items you collect or games you play wouldn't earn you a badge on your scroll, a link would appear on the DC website during the holidays that would allow you to enter the sister-site to play the events with other existing members, new and old. The link could appear on people's scrolls around the top of the page, or on the navigation. "Past Holiday Events" or something. Outside holiday times, it would show a page that describes it as a special DC "extra gaming" area that opens up on specific holiday months - like the first two weeks before the present activities start. When a holiday is approaching the past events used on said holiday will be accessible to all DC users for the original time span of the event.
  8. Good luck to everyone and their great ambitions! I'll be trying to get at least one zombie this year as well as at least one egg from the previous Halloweens I missed along with the ones released this year... @_@ Yes... I am insane. DC has a bad effect on stirring up my mania on the holidays... ^__^0 and I'm OCD.
  9. Because those who have access will be all members to the "Event Gaming" website. DC members only.
  10. Just a thought that came to mind... personally, I don't care about earning badges for the years I missed out. Nevertheless, I would like to be able to do the events others got to experience. If most people here mainly are concerned about wishing to simply play a previous event again, how about there being a semi-separate site connected to Dragon Cave (sort of like how the forum is a part of Dragon Cave yet separate from the site itself) that allows members to play or do the activities. In this, they will not earn badges that will appear on their scrolls or anywhere else. These games could be available before the present event takes place. They would have the same time limits as the original ones and you have to get everything. If you manage to finish them on time, you can get a screen capture of the items you collected or design you created. On it would be the date achieved with your user name. Save the file and do what you will. Display your accomplishment on a personal website, print it out and admire it on your wall, etc. This will only happen once. After you've successfully finished, you can simply always go back and go through the activities again, but you will gain nothing other than the pleasure of playing. For those who don't complete the event in time, like the egg collecting in particular, they "lose" and will have to try again next year. *Shrugs* It is just an idea.
  11. Thank you very much for your reply! I just stumbled upon... um... *Looks back* "Zombie Advice" thread and was suddenly uncertain if I posted too soon here and then became even more confused than before... *Sobs*
  12. Um... okay... so... I've known about zombies for years and even tried getting one on Halloween once. Looking through this thread I'm a bit uncertain/confused. So... You have to kill the hatchling or adult on Halloween and try to revive and/or you can kill a hatchling or adult before Halloween 0-13 days before Halloween and try to revive it on Halloween? Also, you can go after frozen hatchlings you already have? Sorry, I know these have most certainly been answered, but for me to understand things I often need one-on-one and confirmation that how I interpreted things is correct. <--I'm kind of slow.
  13. I have spent countless hours and days in Alpine in hopes of getting a Pyralspite Almandine, but have yet to even SEE one in the biome. The same goes for the green Two-head Lindwurm in the forest... Why you no show yourselves to me?! Even if I kept missing them (wouldn't be a surprise) I'd at least know I still stood a chance of grabbing one... -again