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  1. Not a bad idea. Just make sure you know what goes with what.
  2. I feel your pain. The same goes for me. -__- Well, we still have about six more days. Just keep trying and gathering!
  3. Ah-ha! I was right for the most part! I just didn't know where the picture came from until now!
  4. Well, they don't fit together, but if you really look at them, you kind of get the idea that it is small images pieces of a dragon (or creature) being captured on nine separate screens. Some parts look like scales, muscle-tone and tattered wings. Then there is the red eye close up in one of them.
  5. Though in poor form, I kind of wish I could hunt for the treats I missed out on the last three years. I'm pretty sure I got all the ones for this year (57) because nothing new has been popping up. There is a noted 58th egg via wiki, but from the looks of it, no one on the board has reported being able to get 58 yet.
  6. It isn't broken. I think it might be something similar to a puzzle box or a line up of TV screens that make up on picture, only out of place. I am testing this theory.
  7. Ah, 12? No wonder. I thought it was ten minutes. Thank you.
  8. Volcano Biome, quite giving me Sparkling Lava and Flame Lilies, please!!! T-T Jungle, please... no more Swirling Shadow! T-T
  9. It is strange... I am almost everywhere on the cave, but I don't seem to see the treats all that often.
  10. First post says 24 hours. I wish they'd last until Halloween ends... That would be nice.
  11. I do try every biome. That is the thing! -__- Still, over time I have gotten a bit luckier. Still, I'd like to try out the other potions. Alpine: Almost always get Ice Thyme. Coast: Leeches. Desert: Pumpkin. Jungle: Swirling Shadow. Desert: Flame Lily. I cannot remember Forest, at the moment.
  12. It is a shame the spells won't last until Halloween night is over.
  13. Sigh... Why do I keep getting the same ingredients?! I'd like to make a potion but my ingredients are almost always the same.
  14. This my first well-informed/how to go about it attempt. I am going after Cave Born Adults that you can catch somewhat if not very easily from the biomes. Since I was here before the biomes showed up, I am being careful about not using any from the original cave. I will likely continue in this manner when it comes to future experiments with adults along with hatchlings later on when I have hopefully gotten enough successes with the Adults.
  15. It has been a long time, but I'm pretty sure egg, hatchlings and adults all fall under the two weeks category. Not a day. Two weeks.
  16. @ zaverxi I think it depends on the dragon. Still, I often wondered about the dragons' bloods... what ones are cold-blooded, warm blooded and the various colors their blood might or might not be. Odd, but yes. I have pondered. @ Marie19R There is no trick. Like gendering (unless you use Pink Dragon influence), it runs like a lottery. Unfortunately, whatever you have been doing is getting the same roll. It might be the time of day, the type of dragon, who knows? As Stellaluna22 said, you should try other dragons you are willing to put up for experiment.
  17. Much luck to you, Stellalunna22! And to everyone else trying to get zombies this year, of course. At the moment I'm getting excited for the egg drops since I sadly missed the last three Halloweens. I hope I can grab some PBs! *Fingers crossed*
  18. Anyone else here pause a moment of occasion and think "Don't we all sound a bit heartless?" I keep thinking that. Yeah, they are sprites, but they are our virtual babies, too. We are bad dragon guardians.
  19. Ah, cool. I hope I remember this info when I do begin experimenting on hatchlings for zombies.
  20. The grow into adults thing, I'm not sure. I've never experimented in that and in terms of experience, I never had to fog a hatchling after it entered S2. Logically, I would think they could... but again, they would have to reach a certain quota of views.
  21. They can grow in fog if they got enough views beforehand.
  22. Nice share, VW! I'm sticking to adults for this year when it comes to testing the zombie waters... and will probably do the same next year until I have at least one adult zombie male, female and ungendered... seeing how many hatchlings people have managed to let die without them hindering their slots... I'll assume one has a far greater chance at getting zombie hatchlings than adults... So hard work first for me. ^__^0
  23. 55 TOMBSTONES?!?!?!?!?!?! Can I see your scroll?! 55... *Shakes head in disbelief* Holy cow! O.O
  24. I, Nyxity, swear/pledge/promise to never view bomb others people's dragons and will not add any of their eggs or hatchlings to viewing/click sites. As most people noted, why do such a thing anyway? Trolls... I care naught for their psychology.
  25. Methinks this thread has greatly changed from the "Zombie Advice" to the "Zombie Experiments Report" thread... I wonder if the posts unrelated to advice can be moved into a new thread?