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  1. Congratulations humans! I'll do a mass blocker breeding again sometime this month, Natalyah. *Salutes* Maybe I'll figure out some better pairing along the way. I found Fleshcrownes hard to find an aesthetic mate for...
  2. Ooh... ends on my brother's birthday. Interesting. Again, good luck humans!
  3. Indeed. Good luck and well wishes!
  4. I'm almost there... I take my broccoli well steamed. 'Best with cheese (or cheese soup) or in stir fry.
  5. Welp... I figured I'd try this out since Natayah mentioned it. Here is my group: https://dragcave.net/group/66638
  6. Though I should be well aware and used to it by now... people are such silly creatures sometimes. In the Trading Hub there are some poor souls with Silver Lunar Heralds who think they can trade them for Indigo and Bronze ones at this time... We are heading into Gold ones tomorrow.
  7. In turn, thanks for the Spriter Alt Kin! People on the board and Discord really are amazing. Congrats, lovecats99! I just recently had such luck as well!
  8. The typical hunt the biomes for hours, "Click on the Silver the moment it popped up" but someone was still a nanosecond faster. Bleh,
  9. I want Neglected Dragons to have a system.method similar to Undead Dragons. Undead ones I can create. The chances can often suck, but I can understand the method, implement it and get the results even if they end up all being ashes and cannot be revived. Neglected ones... I'm still not sure if I am doing it correctly... but I get the feeling I'm just obliviously killing eggs at an excruciating pace. Or at least give me a freaking How To video. With how my mind works, written instructions can often have double-meanings and I get so freaking confused. -__-
  10. If I didn't have so much stuff going on and other goals to tend to when it comes to my scroll, I'd collect Nhiostrife and Falconiform Wyverns... and likely Blue Lunar Heralds and Blue Nebulas. There is a theme going on here.
  11. Thank you to the person who gifted me a 3G Spriter's Alt Kin after I lost out on more than five in the Trading Hub or so in one freaking day. It may sound ridiculous, but it has eased a little of the tightness in my chest.
  12. Sigh... a person was offering a ton of 3G SA lineages in the trade hub, but they wanted unbreedables. I finally catch a dino, but now there is only one left (had my eye on a different one) and I have to wait for the stupid cool down. Plus a relative who has caused me a lifetime of PTSD is coming this weekend. And the last one is gone. Sigh... Well, congratulations to the lucky souls who were able to get them.
  13. Ah... sweet. I was egg-locked and thus abandoned a mint I got yesterday. I got an upside down one now. Not all is lost Penny Pigtails. Time to get off now. I still feel like crud. I sure hope I'm able to collect all the Easter Eggs...
  14. Fleshcrowne was my favorite to interact with. Cermet is #1. Flower... visually, the Aurora Snowflake appeals to me the most.
  15. A pretty strange one, but: I forgot to freeze one of my Flower-Crowns. Now I have two adults and no cave born hatchie sprite like the rest of my Holiday ones. Welp, here's hoping the Holiday biomes show up continually.
  16. Better, I suppose. Sadly I have entered a phase in life: the phase when the fact that your parents will die someday and you will have to live without them from then on hits home. In turn, I've had many days where I cry hard for an hour or so while thinking about far too many things. It sort of took me back to remembering the days I wasn't diagnosed properly and had racing thoughts all the time. Ah, the curse and blessings of thinking too much. At least today I didn't break down and hide in my room until my tears subsided.
  17. Yuck due to the taste being too strong for me to handle. Pineapple Pizza
  18. Captain ================== Zenith
  19. Travel ============== Anxiety