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  1. And to you, and you and also with you! *Tosses 🥦*
  2. Nada. They will make a movie on me one day... Never Been Kissed: The True Story.
  3. Congratulations to you both!!!!! Take good care of that broccoli!
  4. I cannot remember the last time I ate broccoli... but it was likely in a stir fry or lo mien. Again, gotta have it well cooked until it is very tender. :}
  5. Happy Birthday to Me! Scroll: My Scroll Forum name: Nyxity Birthday: December 13 List: 1. 2g from Spriter's Alt 2. 3g from Spriter's Alt 3a. 2g Mimic Pygmy from a Pumpkin parent 3b. Any 2G Hybrid - i.e. second gen of the lineage, but first gen of the breed in the lineage. (Example: CB Hellfire Wyvern x CB Horse Dragon = Hellhorse) 4a. Nhiostrife Wyverns are one of my favorite dragons. 4b. Falconiform Wyverns are also one of my favorite dragons. Note: If gifting, please keep it near the month of December. Having it actually near my birthday is very important to me. Thank you.
  6. *Nods* So others have told me elsewhere.
  7. I have a similar problem. https://dragcave.net/view/POwyV The stats are there. It had the waiting time to hatch. I don't incubate. I hid it until the time said 1 day and 23 hours. It hatched blue. I waited all that time for a purple. Never mind. I'm re-purposing it.
  8. May the force be with you! (And plenty NDer helpers.) Take care of yourself!
  9. I'd like to make a family, but if I were to only have one in my entire life... Genderless. It works with me.
  10. Put up a beautiful, completed Harry Potter Lyrical Lineage made up of all the "House Dragons" in the Trade Hub, but am asking for a 2G Spriter's Altkin. Typically, I think this to be ridiculous, but (censors name) drove me to it! Drove me to it with their recent Hub Trades wanting "interesting lineages" but I could never find them on time! Gah!
  11. ^ Ah! Thanks for the suggestion. I ran out of Undines by the time I got to them, so I was stuck there. Teimarrs! *I hope I remember this...*
  12. Congratulations humans! I'll do a mass blocker breeding again sometime this month, Natalyah. *Salutes* Maybe I'll figure out some better pairing along the way. I found Fleshcrownes hard to find an aesthetic mate for...
  13. Ooh... ends on my brother's birthday. Interesting. Again, good luck humans!
  14. I'm almost there... I take my broccoli well steamed. 'Best with cheese (or cheese soup) or in stir fry.
  15. Welp... I figured I'd try this out since Natayah mentioned it. Here is my group: https://dragcave.net/group/66638
  16. Though I should be well aware and used to it by now... people are such silly creatures sometimes. In the Trading Hub there are some poor souls with Silver Lunar Heralds who think they can trade them for Indigo and Bronze ones at this time... We are heading into Gold ones tomorrow.
  17. In turn, thanks for the Spriter Alt Kin! People on the board and Discord really are amazing. Congrats, lovecats99! I just recently had such luck as well!
  18. The typical hunt the biomes for hours, "Click on the Silver the moment it popped up" but someone was still a nanosecond faster. Bleh,
  19. I want Neglected Dragons to have a system.method similar to Undead Dragons. Undead ones I can create. The chances can often suck, but I can understand the method, implement it and get the results even if they end up all being ashes and cannot be revived. Neglected ones... I'm still not sure if I am doing it correctly... but I get the feeling I'm just obliviously killing eggs at an excruciating pace. Or at least give me a freaking How To video. With how my mind works, written instructions can often have double-meanings and I get so freaking confused. -__-
  20. If I didn't have so much stuff going on and other goals to tend to when it comes to my scroll, I'd collect Nhiostrife and Falconiform Wyverns... and likely Blue Lunar Heralds and Blue Nebulas. There is a theme going on here.