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  1. Yeah, good luck broccoli lovers. I'll be out all day traveling to pay my respects to some family members.
  2. You'd think that wouldn't you?
  3. Ditto. I will likely try, but... yeah. We must try!
  4. AP Champions... That one will likely kill me.
  5. Many congrats wmctalon! And though I am pretty sure we haven't met, congratulations HopeUnbroken! 🥦⭐ Take care of those broccoli dergs!
  6. And all good things must come to an end. As usual, well wishes to all who enter. Until, we will all continue to dream of broccoli dergs.
  7. Congratulations and treat yo broccoli well!
  8. Congratulations, RubyEyes, Eternally Shadow and to the rest I am not acquainted with! Enjoy your broccoli and have fun!
  9. Get to entering humans!!!! (And again, good luck to everyone!)
  10. And to you, and you and also with you! *Tosses 🥦*
  11. Good fortune to all who enter. 🍀
  12. Nada. They will make a movie on me one day... Never Been Kissed: The True Story.
  13. Congratulations to you both!!!!! Take good care of that broccoli!
  14. Congratulations to the winners. 🥦
  15. I cannot remember the last time I ate broccoli... but it was likely in a stir fry or lo mien. Again, gotta have it well cooked until it is very tender. :}
  16. *Nods* So others have told me elsewhere.
  17. I have a similar problem. https://dragcave.net/view/POwyV The stats are there. It had the waiting time to hatch. I don't incubate. I hid it until the time said 1 day and 23 hours. It hatched blue. I waited all that time for a purple. Never mind. I'm re-purposing it.
  18. May the force be with you! (And plenty NDer helpers.) Take care of yourself!
  19. I'd like to make a family, but if I were to only have one in my entire life... Genderless. It works with me.
  20. Put up a beautiful, completed Harry Potter Lyrical Lineage made up of all the "House Dragons" in the Trade Hub, but am asking for a 2G Spriter's Altkin. Typically, I think this to be ridiculous, but (censors name) drove me to it! Drove me to it with their recent Hub Trades wanting "interesting lineages" but I could never find them on time! Gah!
  21. ^ Ah! Thanks for the suggestion. I ran out of Undines by the time I got to them, so I was stuck there. Teimarrs! *I hope I remember this...*