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  1. On 10/29/2020 at 9:24 AM, VixenDra said:

    I'm tired of contemporary people suddenly calling everything they can't see any specific existent animal in "a dragon":/


    Well, my apologies? I've just never known of a dog that has "head lights" to see in the dark and Sanda didn't think they were dogs... the quotations around "woof" also hinted the dog wasn't a dog. In turn, all I can think of is, "Maybe it is a dragon pretending to be a dog?"

  2. Played the game again now that I am feeling better head-wise. It was nice to be able to take my time and explore every nick and cranny like I would in the past. The puzzles were pretty much "Simon Says", interpret the potions, keep away from the not-friends maze (Are those sandwaste dragons? and keep in mind the yellow dots. The Runes was a pickle again, so I had to look for help. The second explanation given was so much easier than the first one. Yay.


    The maze was funny this time, however. The not-friends sometimes backed me all the way into a wall and sandwiched me there, yet it did not count as being caught. Lucky me.

    Again, thanks for all the effort you guys put into the event as usual.

  3. Agreed, the second cauldron really is a guess work puzzle. Most of the puzzles I solved in my own way by guess work, but that one definitely could have used a bit of polishing. Interpretation really screws it for most people. Previous lore or names that made the metaphors make better sense would have been better. For a while I interpreted the SUN blossom to be "the sun comes directly after its parents".


    Still, this Holiday event games are created by volunteers who have helped develop the the site mainly through spriting. The fact that these people are able to make these interactive RPs is quite a feat. In turn... all of us who play them are really like Beta testers.

  4. Welp... the game was interesting. I likely would have adored it a few years back when I felt a lot better. Thank you for the hard work as always, humans. Runa made me think of the Discord people I knew. Nice times. Now my head hurts. Yay.

    Doors: if you enter a door that chuckles, you entered the wrong door. Just keep in mind the pattern. You go through a door and no cackle? That is the right door. Any door that cackles sends you back to square one. So, you might go door 1, door 2, door 3- cackle!!! Crap, well, start over. Door 1, door 2, door 4, door 1- cackle!!! Crap... Start over. Door 1, door 2, dooe 4, door...

  5. Hm... been trying to follow the explanation about the Runes puzzle, but I am pretty sure I am doing it wrong. *Shrugs.* Welp, I guess I'll try again some other time.(I doubt I'll get it later either, though. My brain has been deteriorating quite an amount over the past few years. -__-)

  6. On 8/15/2020 at 5:26 AM, Ruby Eyes said:

    Freezing and releasing would also have been an option, if you have freezes left.



    I'm currently stuck in a couple of lineages. I'm unable to get *anything* from Ultraviolets other than Ultraviolets and Spitfires ...


    I had limited slots and no freezes. I was quite unwilling to wait for it to grow up into an adult since I am quite limited in my hunting time these days. Poor hatchie. Really, though... I looked at it for less than a minute and it would not leave me be. Admittedly, I was hoping it would dodge like they all do when I hit the kill button. Of course it can't dodge this time... Oh, well.

  7. I pick up a hatchling in the AP just to look at it. It won't let me abandon it. I've usually been lucky and after doing a few abandons I am able to get rid of such hatchlings. Not this time. I'm sorry, but I am not in the health and thus not in the mood for this BS.


    You take your blade and stab the hatchling, watching the life slowly leave its eyes as it stares at you, wondering why you betrayed it.


    Betrayed it my foot. I didn't raise the bugger to begin with. I do feel somewhat evil, now, though.

  8. I need to grab another mint today to commemorate being eaten again.

    P.S. I kind of think DC should stay this way... and then ever so slowly all the dragons are remade to the superiority of those that have changed with the times.

  9. 'Good to see report on you and a sense of how things are going in life, @LadyLyzar! 'Sounds like your family had a good time in real life and with DC. Noice! 👍
    Man, I loved this event. 'Was ill from horrible allergies this year, so I've been very quiet, but I got to do the event! Best evar!!! (Really wish I could have done more - ie. bigger board to work with. So many things I wanted to build!!!)

    Here's my Snow War Fort:


    And here is my "Snow Peace" Fort: