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     ✩ Usually quiet and subdued, but can become manic if over stimulated. If manic it can become very strong and unpredictable.
     ✩ Easily frightened and confused. If left this way it will enter panic-mode and may become irrational.
     ✩ Has poor social and communication skills.
     ✩ Is very literal.
     ✩ Learns things visually. Written and oral instruction usually leaves it confused.
     ✩ Has no sense of personal limitations and will often push itself beyond what it is capable of. This eventually results into long term repercussions.
     ✩ Will usually play alone or in very small groups.
     ✩ Loves to explore and learn where everything is.
     ✩ Hates conflict.
     ✩ Has a high moral code and believes in courtesy.
     ✩ Has a very hopeful, almost ideal outlook of the world.

     ✩ Most behaviors from hatchling stage remain in adulthood.
     ✩ Being happy and enjoyment tends to cause it to easily fall into bouts of mania, which often leads to great sorrow.
     ✩ Easily stressed by things the majority can handle, such as bright lights, audio from machines, schedules…
     ✩ Prone to bouts of lethargy as an effect of various possible factors from the change of weather, something scheduled the next day, too much stimuli, migraine week…
     ✩ The hopeful, ideal outlook is dead, but in its place is a very open-minded view, albeit laced with cynicism.
     ✩ Likes to collect semi-precious to precious stones, coins and various memorabilia that connects deeply to childhood.
     ✩ Fairly solitary due to not being able to connect with others and while finally admitting to be human, certainly doesn’t feel like one.
     ✩ Sees life as a way to pass time (sort of like a waiting room) until it can finally die.

     ✩ Small, dim, quiet cave that is filled to the brink with its “treasure hoard”.

     ✩ A very picky eater.
     ✩ It cannot process meat well (particularly beef and seafood) and thus the body will often reject it.
     ✩ Avoids most raw vegetables as the taste is often too strong.
     ✩ Likes food that keeps a good while, so rarely partakes in fruits.
     ✩ Has to be careful of breads and cornmeal, as it has often wound up choking on it.
     ✩ Lactose intolerant.
     ✩ Doesn’t care for sweets much.

     ✩ My Oldest/First Adult Dragon: http://dragcave.net/view/Ndjg