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  1. Hey everyone sorry for the hold up~ I got pretty sick and kinda just.... fell to pieces. but I am back~ I'll be 100% working to get everything going asap and tallying every thing up~
  2. @Lantean_Pegasus Hey my apologizes but yeah Im still here (was just a little sickly so I had to focus on getting better than being on the computer) but Is it okay if I get my place as Andorra's host again?
  3. So I got really lucky today and my pair finally bred right! Funny its also valentines day~
  4. @cefren_ Sorry bout that! But wow this is quite the haul of Royal Crimsons! I think you just put Team Red into the running of 1st place alongside Blue single handedly in regards to Team size! I'll get them registered right away!~
  5. So I have this little Royal Blue hatchi if anyone from blue team wants it!
  6. Wanted to state my Sunstones are giving me trouble again :/
  7. I plan to get Tromso when I get my 10th. But yeah my across the world eggs are beign a little fussy. ^^;
  8. So I was wondering,what about the inactive ones? (I know I could help get Fedelta or Ciliegio back on track~) Either way this sounds like a cool project I'd love to work with~
  9. @cefren_ Welcome to team Red, Cenfren_! All the Teams are finally off to the races! All your dragons are registered and ready to go! @Rekha Congrats on the pretty young male Rekha! He's been registered too!
  10. So my spirit wards are getting fussy! :/ Guess Ill need to do a fertility next time.
  11. I have a new Fairy Tale Couple! Forum Name: Winterspheonix Link to Scroll: https://dragcave.net/user/Wolf_warrior Name of Couple : King Ishmael of Midnight Lineage of Male : https://dragcave.net/lineage/wtbnS Lineage of Female : https://dragcave.net/lineage/garKU Will you breed them for others? : Yes ======================== Short Profile / Story of your couple : Once Upon a time, within Arcan was a young Prince Ishmael. Ishmael was apart of a grand court of nebulas, who's stars shone as bright as the true stars in the sky. However, the Prince was not allowed to leave his Kingdom for a long time, during this time many wished to become queen. While many female nebulae of all shades of blues and reds flocked from the far reaches of the land, Ishmael saw none of them as a suitable mate. It was when he finally was betrothed to a young princess of Shae that he was allowed to travel away from his lands. On his trip, as they flew into the Amos mountains on the Shae border, he was attacked by an unknown species of dragons, sending him wandering deep into the mountains. The Prince had no idea where to go until a dragons of glistening Purple scales appeared and lead him to her cave.She stated her name was Sepheria and was a lone ridgewing dragon that fled from her village years ago. She helped tend his wounds and, when he asked, she told him all about the world he had never seen until now. Finding her knowledge fastinating as well as her kindness, after spending quite a bit of time with her. He asked her to be his queen. Sepheria did not know of what to make of this but did accept, and thus they traveled back to the Castle Midnight. Many where shocked that the Prince came back with not a Nebula but a Ridgewing. However, he had chosen his mate, and as the young Prince stood by his mate. His own court stated he must battle against the guards in order to win. And thus he prepared to battle... Not before they had a small child... a daughter.... One that the court had yet to see before. To be continued…. World that your couple lives in: Arcan --------------- On other notes they actually bred a Carnia egg! And it was prcogged as female! ;v;/
  12. Well I have a lonely Kingcrowne male... but I know Minx is on Team Yellow soo..... I guess it'll depend?
  13. Haha that would be nice! (Oh gosh the scroll locked struggle is real) I might try to figure out how to help our Red Team as well, though I have the right dragons for that~
  14. Same here! I also hope for red Team and Yellow team to get some members too! It'll be cool to have a lot of members to bloodswap and such though! I myself am working to get some little hatchis for people to adopt~ (Kingcrownes seem to like hiding though )
  15. Welcome! Yeah both options work, I'm not going to force people to rely on bloodswap cause that would require a LOT of people. It's a kinad bonus thing.
  16. @Rekha You are certainly allowed more than one pair! But there is a bonus on bloodswapping (well an award for it) but yes you dont have to worry about relying solely on bloodswapping! Also EGs fit perfectly here! ;v;/
  17. I see! Yeah we got quite the small army starting up in Blue! But hey I'm very glad to have you and all the other members here. I'm also excited to see that little 2 gen egg~
  18. @Rekha Hey Rekna! Welcome to blue team! You're Royale pair will be registered in a moment I'll get you listed for a 2 gen on the wish list! Thanks for joining! ^v^)/
  19. @Mow Im excited to see your little egg grow up! Also yeah we can keep the names as they are then! @Narrae Welcome to the Blue team! Your dragon has been signed up and I'll get you on that list! Hopefully we can get you a 5th gen soon ;v;