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  1. TYVM for all the lovely dragons & changes & updates to the game
  2. Happy Birthday & Thank U, for all the Lovely Dragons over all the years & Continuing with the Game, i love it very much
  3. Ahhhhh...Thank U ..my cave just crashed too ...well good to know i thought my new windows 10 was at fault...still trying to tame that beast !!
  4. I am having problem in Silvi's Lair it does not register my eggs...i can't place my eggs ..first time in 5 yrs i having this problem i made a screen shot but no idea how to add it here
  5. for better or worse i got 6 of them lol thank U ..if its a hoax/April fool no matter enjoying them as long as they here
  6. Finally got some eggs 3 desert only eggs & 2 blue eggs TY so much for the new Dragons
  7. all my bohimes are empty for a while now is that normal ?? how long will we get the new eggs ?
  8. Everyone talks of 4 eyes i thought there are 2 eyes & the nostrils are red too !! the position of the second pair of eyes very low !! I keep checking if TJ's they grown to adults lol my eggs slow to hatch but its ok i'll wait till 4 days left
  9. I have a question ....I see some of U have a banner, with number of eggs, number of dragons, number of frozen hatchlings...i'd like to have it too ..its very handy to know all about my scroll at a glance how do i get that ?
  10. I, (Ayesha999), agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  11. OH !!! yeah saw cool TY for helping me this my first event
  12. errrr...U all talk of the Hatchling but i don't see any hatchling on U're scrolls of the new Halloween eggs ????where can i see the Hatchling
  13. Thank TJ & all involved got 4 lovely eggs will take one more in a couple of hours *phew* was in a panic i won't get any but am doing great now Happy Halloween All
  14. There are eggs but they get caught real fast every hour & there after every 5 mins just keep U're mouse over the egg position & refresh every 5 mins with F5 & click like mad our ctrl+click till U get one hi
  15. Thank U for suggesting to control click all eggs finally caught ONE
  16. will the event still be on this time tomorrow ??? Thanks for giving me hope anyways...still not getting but will keep trying will Ctrl + click
  17. HELP not getting any egg...always gets snatched....& now NO EGGs in Cave....SOB SOB My Cave is supper slow today with 1 egg every second in each Biomes U would think there is enough for all
  18. My CAVE IS DOWN Plz get it started again ....