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  1. Home...work? But..But....Do I have tooo? -What's left of Dragoncat, the student.
  2. I've been waiting since last year for a pair of targaryens.. ..And I'm fine with still waiting.
  3. On closer inspection of this bud, the hatchlings I have do have them, but closer to the head. As of yet, we do not know what it's for...Further investigation is needed.
  4. I believe that they fell off due to weather changes or natural selection preferred the buds rather than the wings, but that's just me.
  5. Enroll Me At CO Scroll Name:Dragoncat71 Forum Name:Dragoncat71 How many Cheeses do you own?:1 frozen, 1 waiting to grow. Will you give free cheese eggs to people who want them?: If cheeses ever become extremely common, yes. Until then, no. Are you ok with made-up research?:Yep. Special Word:Cheezzy
  6. The top line of the AP is just new release. Now I have to check how long it takes to hatch my eggs. Funny autocorrect-It turned 'have' into 'mace'. Huh.
  7. I want to join! My favorite breed of dog is..well, any husky at all. I have 3 labradors, and one is a puppy. If I were to lose even one of them, I wouldn't know what I'd do. Once I'm not egglocked, I'll look for CB hellfires and CB magis!
  8. Today I have obtained: Feather Bucket Flower bucket It says something about the heartseekers home, is that the end of the day?
  9. I can barely go 1 mile without getting tired. 15 miles is crazy talk for me.
  10. I have the beetle, the pearl, the invatations, the statue piece, the crystal, the berries, and the small dragon figurine. I think I have gotten everything.
  11. I just realized for the valentines event? The marks on the inventations sort of look like the markings on the old valentines eggs.
  12. I joined! My pack name is Jackalhearts Wolves. Hi.
  13. ((Posts deleted.)) Lilac stared at the sky above her. What happened? She was too tired to tell. She got up, and sighed as she began to think.
  14. Came down to these: I do it veeeeeerrrrrrryy slowwwwlyyy I am a watermelon My gender is a snowflake My favorite is: I am a lizard hear me roar
  15. Taken! Once they hatch I'll name them after my other cancer-attacked dog, Roxie. (R.I.P) https://dragcave.net/view/MnKnu My little candle <3
  16. If I were a dragon, I'd be a Hellhorse first of all. I would hoard the bones of vampires that tried to kill the eggs I'd hoard until they hatched I'd hoard the eggs I'd hoard dead sheep I'd hoard wolves I'd hoard shiny things I'd hoard not shiny things I'd hoard the vampires I'd hoard humans I'd hoard everything o.o
  17. Lost 1 2G Purebred Magelight pygmy, from a cancer awareness breeding project..
  18. My ONLY Daydream refused my white. I went through (I stopped counting) people until tiny_5nake, i think was their name got me a soulpeace. SO MUCH TROUBLE FOR SUCH A SMALL REWARD.... ._.
  20. I would do this if I had enough dragons to breed (unfortunately I only have 1 of each), I am in support as I lost my dog to cancer just last week. Edit: Got my 1st Little Candle! (I think that should be a new breed-Little Candles! Protectors of the dead and affected!) Also, Forgot about this at first-I lost 2 dogs to cancer. May they rest in peace with plenty of chickens to chase. (Little Candles and Survivors...Hmm....I can work with this)
  21. 2. The Hatching Club (formerly the dragon dump) and The Allure Of Neglected Dragons. I have had only 2 experiences with soft shell.
  22. I found this guy on the AP. https://dragcave.net/lineage/yptdF I'm not even sure if this link works. But it DOES have Thuweds in the lineage.