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  1. Among the ones listed, I'd choose Nebula. It seems like it'd be a good pet and companion. Although, I'd probably choose some kind of Drake as a pet. They're pretty much the most pet-like family to date, besides the Pygmies. As for which, I can't really choose, but definitely not the Howler. One of my cats already makes enough noise at night, and I don't need that same amount during the day, too. As a companion, I really like the idea of flying on a Ridgewing or Tsunami Wyvern's back.
  2. Wow. I personally haven't ever tried to get a Neglected, so I can only imagine how frustrating that must be. However, just after I resumed my quest for a Silver (started dino hunting so I could fulfill a trade order) I saw this in the jungle: "This egg gives off a beautiful glow." My subconscious kicked in just before I realized what I just clicked away from. Unfortunately, when I went back, it was gone. It feels like DC is just blindsiding my plans: "Looking for trade fodder? There's no offers you can possibly fulfill! Oh, and look! There's a silver right there--oh you missed i
  3. "Jonathan Joestar" *holds up hand for a high five* As for my pride and joy... This lovely thing
  4. Now I feel even worse. I told my friend a couple weeks ago that I really wanted a CB Silver (we were just having a random discussion, and he's even newer to DC than I am). And what does he get from the cave the very next day? A Silver (it wasn't even a 5 minute drop). You can probably guess how jealous I felt. He said he'd try to get me one if he could, but I decided to also try and take matters into my own hands. I tried to get a CB Gold/Silver of my own by constantly hanging out the Cave (for around 15-30 minutes straight each session) and grabbing other rares (specifically 2 Xenowyrms
  5. Well since I see people doing these in list forms, I guess I will as well! Wolfsbane Dendrobate Wyvern (I like mean things, I don't know why) Demonic Wyvern Osseous (I can see Osseous vs Black Marrow in my head even now) Philia (Reminds me of the Maccaus from MHX, for all who don't know what they are look 'em up) Baleen Sea ("Thar she blows!") Sand Harpy Wyvern (Actually seems like something out of Monster Hunter) Frillback (Quite literally the perfect clan/scroll/whatever-we-call-it-in-universe dragon) Rankbreaker Savannah Windangel Wyvern Violet Spitter Longhorne
  6. Well that's surprising, and like you said, awesome. Hope it enjoys the short afterlife it has for now!
  7. Got one from the Volcano yesterday, put that one into the AP for someone to grab. I replaced it with one from the Forest Still kinda disappointed that I didn't get one of the first 500 or so, though I think that was just me getting my hopes up too much.
  8. My first Halloween on Dragon Cave, and I believe my hype is proportional. I'm not sure how these work, so I'm just hoping to at least get the 2015 dragon. However, I hope that other Halloween dragons'll be available, so just in case... Time to start memorizin' descriptions!
  9. Same here, actually. Or if I find something I haven't seen before (since I'm relatively new) and if I know it isn't a rare, I look it up on the wiki because I have time to decide whether to get it or not...mostly.
  10. Yesterday I was browsing the coast when I saw three eggs. One of them said "This egg smells faintly like brine." I didn't even notice that one. Instead I decided to look up the one that said "This egg seems to be floating on a puddle" on the wiki. For those who don't get it, I had the chance to get a Blusang Lindwurm and instead I decided to try and find out what a Water Walker Dragon's egg description was.
  11. I use a "trawl-net" strategy: go back and forth between the Cave biomes every 10 or so seconds occasionally checking the AP for anything (but not much, since I really prefer CB dragons if I can get them), and I pretty much try to memorize the Rare egg descriptions (for example: If I read "Mana courses" I immediately click the egg, even if I didn't read the rest. ). For anything I know isn't a rare, I use Ctrl+F on the "Which egg is which?" wiki page because I'm pretty much allowed time (unless it's a Nebula, Black, or something like that) to check it before some DC pro snags it. I got my lovel
  12. I like Bronze. It just seems a bit older and more majestic to me. Indigo looks cool too!
  13. I like the Hellfire Wyverns, both in design and ecology. That's pretty much it! Oh and I also got this from dA
  14. 3 males, 8 females. It may change as these eggs and hatchlings gender, but for now there are so many possibilities for a harem. EDIT: Spirit Ward just gendered female. I'm losing hope.
  15. Woah. Lucky you, EmeraldPaw! Caught a CB Gaia Xenowyrm egg today! I also put it on trade for a Pyro (my favorite)!
  16. Durulan (my Gold-Horned Tangar) finally grew up into my first adult dragon!
  17. I agree! They're actually my second favorite (mostly because of their element).
  18. Hope it gets better once your friend comes, KuukiKiller! Getting a bit frustrated, since every name related to the moon seems to be taken in DC. I'm trying variations for my lovely just-gendered Lunar Herald hatchie, but none of them seem to sound right, or sound too close to the original name (Just adding an -o or an -ar for me seems a bit like a rip-off). Also, I haven't really delved into last names and lineages yet, so I'm just using first names (possibly for now). Other than that, I'm doing good! EDIT: Finally found one
  19. Definitely the Pyro. (even though I don't have any Xenomorph--I mean--wyrms. I'd really like one, though) I think of a lot of the dragons in the Cave as having a sort of "boss potential" in a way(when I'm thinking in the RP sense, at least). With that in mind, I can imagine the Pyro Xenowyrm as that one Colossus-like opponent that flies around the arena, occasionally roaring and actively attacking you. With fire of course. also I really like the color scheme ...I elaborate too much.
  20. I now regret that I threw away my Horse Dragon egg. ...On second thought, the other reason is that I didn't really like it that much in the first place (no offense to those that do.) So...no I'm not. I like the new sprites though!
  21. Um, ma'am...that is the soup. Waiter, there's a mirror in my soup!
  22. I'd probably hoard metal. Ore, scrap, whatever form I could find. I'd be the bane of industrial development everywhere.
  23. Pretty much any species of theropod dinosaur, excluding abelisaurids besides Carnotaurus. ...None of you follow, do you? ...Jeez I feel like such a nerd.