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  1. Welcome to my little space on the forums. I like creating minimalist graphics with shabby chic touches; I created these for my own usage and thought that maybe other people might like them too.. so here they are. This is just a preliminary collection off the top of my head. I'll probably be adding on new graphics from time to time. If you have any ideas on what you'd like to see, feel free to give me a shout-out via PM or on this thread. I'm not taking fully custom requests at the moment, but if you see something you like and would like to have your own custom text on an existing design, just check out the next post on "Semi Customs" for more information. I would love to make something for you. Otherwise, feel free to help yourselves to the premades! Credit and / or linking back to this thread is appreciated, but not necessary. If you do want to leave credit, a text link is fine. Or you can use this wee button: Little banner button things to be used in your signatures and such. c: I accept custom text requests, so have a peek at the Requests post and holler. These are for the traders. Fancy up your trading posts with some of these little headers. More colors / fonts will be added eventually, as time permits! In the meantime, I'd be happy to do custom text requests for these as well. FONT #1 more fonts coming soon! Possibly my favorite section, this is my special doodle dump. Everything hand-drawn and colored. I'm not accepting customs for these at the moment, but I might eventually. For now, they make perfect little avatars or random signature or thread decorations. The choice is yours! Have fun with them. NINJA CREAMIES "LIKE A SIR" CREAMIES ICE CREAMIES more coming soon!
  2. Announcing two more lovely Hope progeny! H o p e d and R a y O f H o p e. I'm in the midst of deciding on their mates. I now have two breeding Hope pairs and would be happy to help out to breed hope eggs (if my scroll is unlocked). Here are my pairs: 1. H o p e s and J e l l y b e a n 2. i H o p e and F r o s t i n g
  3. Congrats, Lady Emrys! c: Here's my Hope's first baby. Lineage. I have a mate ready for him.
  4. What's the value of a 2G PB Alt Black in terms of CB Xenos / Coppers? Pretty inexperienced in trading so I thought I'd ask.
  5. My little Hope has grown up! (: Here he is. I was testing mates and he found his first & forever love. Here's their offspring. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to adopt this out to anyone else on the waiting list (if there's anyone there). I wouldn't mind keeping the egg though. c:
  6. Thank you for my lovely Hope egg ! Just incubated because I'm so excited for it to hatch! (:
  7. I've had my eye on this special project ever since I started playing dragon cave and held off posting until I had a little more experience. c: I would love to be a part of this wonderful cause and will be keeping a free egg slot open. I also have some lovely CB pinks waiting to be the forever love of my hope egg. Male | Male | Female | Female
  8. I'm definitely hoping to get Shadow Walkers, Desipis and Graves. Wish I could get two of each, but with a small egg limit and no reds, I hope that's possible.
  9. Wheeee my first Halloween. /excited I don't really know what I'm doing, but I hope that I'll be able to fish up or trade for some pretty PB / neatly lined Graves / Shadow Walkers. I'll need to make sure that I remember to keep my scroll unlocked so I can go fishing for dragons.
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    I'm able to run Ark on my fiance's work laptop (needed it since my gaming laptop had to be sent for servicing) and I got it to run okay with everything but the textures and view distance on lowest settings. I'm not sure on specs and whatnot, so I'll need to check it out with him. Having said that, the requirements for Ark are really quite high. :c
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    I play Ark avidly with my fiancé. We have a 2 man tribe on an official oceanic pve server. We'll definitely want to get a private server for the official launch so we won't get the same overcrowding / Dino overpopulation problems that plague our server. For now, I can't bear to leave our dino family, so we're staying put till a server wipe happens. Can't wait to tame a pair of Quetzals. I heard that those big boys can carry mammoths (and by extension ankylos?) Which would make harvesting so so much easier. I really want a pack of direwolves too.
  12. Hi! I'm a rather clueless newbie and would love to have a mentor [dragon & forum]. So far, I've managed to raise 6 adult dragons and manage to breed my dragons once (the egg got abandoned because I was above the count though. :c). Other than the basics, I'm a little lost. Lineage and trading in particular are mysteries to me at this point. Here's my scroll. English speaking is fine. My timezone is GMT+8 but I'm online pretty much most of the day.