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  1. Added you, good luck!! I think they manually copied and pasted the messages into their Personal Hall post (or at least that's what I did!). That's lovely and perfectly right. I'll link your Hall to the main post now. So intriguing! I can't wait to find out more!
  2. Will add him to the raffle right after this! Oops, I didn't have a form for that hehe. I just added a new one, so you can use that! It's in the Marketplace section, but I'm going to copy and paste it here for you. I'll add you to the wait list! (:
  3. Rarr, there was a power outage and I only just managed to get back on my computer. My phone was critically low on battery too, so I couldn't even access the forums using my mobile data. NIGHTMARE. Everything's back to normal now though. I've added all points and I've also added everyone who has entered so far to the Raffle. Good luck to all of you! Also, the marketplace is open for a little while! A dinner appointment cancelled on me, so I have some free time for stuffs. So fill in some order forms if you'd like to update your Welcome images. (@JavaTigress, I've added you to the wait list and will start working on yours after I take a quick shower!)
  4. Drat, I forgot to update the form! You can pick another kittybun, sorry about that! I'll also add you to Blueberry's list. ETA: I've updated the form to reflect that everyone can choose 2 kitties! I've added you to Blueberry's list.
  5. I LOVE THE NEW UPDATES!! I'm especially excited about the writing one. I have had so much fun naming my couples, and I think it will be loads of fun to give them personalities and stories. *squee* Having said that, I don't know when I'll actually get down to it because I've got such a backlog of writing to do (Dragcave related and otherwise). But this is definitely something that I would want to work towards, hopefully sooner rather than later! And I've missed you much, @Rekha, my dear. I hope you're feeling loads better. *BIG HUGS*
  6. | The Black Cat's Mystery Eggs - an Easter Raffle Event | You can view the main post here! Are Black Cats always unlucky?" Xiaomi is no ordinary black cat. She is a Cat Spirit, who after years of cultivation became a sentient spirit with magical powers. Together with her sister cat spirits, it is their task to hunt down the Mystery Eggs of China and entrust them to suitable guardians. Spring has begun and Xiaomi recently discovered a western festival while strolling along the Silk Road the other morning. Easter - the festival of eggs! That seemed right down her alley and she wasted no time in rallying her siblings for a special Easter Mystery Eggs Raffle! Raffle Rules - The raffle will end on 1 April, 9pm EST / cave time [ 2 April, 10am Mink time ] - Each person may choose two kitties to try their luck on, since this is a special seasonal raffle. - One winner will be picked for each kitty using this random name picker. There will be a live drawing, and results will be screenshot-ed and posted. - If you win an egg as a prize, you can do anything with it except kill it. (you can keep it, trade it for something, gift it etc. However, no points will be awarded for gifting) - Every member can join this raffle, regardless of whether you already own any Imperial Harem dragons or not. - There will be unlimited slots for each kitty. Once the Raffle is closed, I will do the drawing for each kitty based on the current entrants. - Prizes will be pre-allocated to each kitty. The prize pool will be updated to give you an idea of the possible prizes - you just won't know what each kitty has to offer! Prize Pool There will be a little twist with regards to the egg prizes this time! The CB eggs will only be snagged next week to ensure that they don't grow up too quickly. They'll range from CB uncommons to CB metals (depending on Xiaomi's egg picking luck). Also, the winner will unlock their kitty as a Welcome graphic avatar! Note: Kittybuns are somewhat limited edition. While similar accessories may be used for future kitties, the exact same Kittybun will never be available again. And since this is a special seasonal Raffle, there will be a participation prize as well! All raffle entrants will receive a pair of Easter Baby Bunnies (see above!) that can either be added to their welcome graphics or they can be displayed anywhere in your Personal Hall. Preview: (Rose Clan version) Raffle Status: Open The Kitties are dressed up as Easter Bunnies! But wait - is that.. an Easter Uni-kitty-corn? Which Kittybun will you pick? Enter the Raffle here!
  7. The Sky Clan welcomes you, @OutlawQueen Hi there, and a very warm welcome to Imperial Harem! I'm so glad that you've decided to join our tight-knit family. I've added you to the Sacred Lily wait list, and you should get your egg within a week or two, depending on how cooperative these royals are. Sky Clan is currently going through a little bit of reworking, but don't worry too much! There are plenty of nice people who have grown quite familiar with the project mechanics and our lovely Sky Clan Leader, @pretty_thumb is always happy to help. I hope you have fun with us and very much look forward to getting to know you better! Again, welcome to Imperial Harem and the Sky Clan!
  8. I just did some house-keeping and all of the points earned before this post have been added! That's actually a pretty strategic and legit way to go about things! To be honest, I'd do the same if I was actually a playing member of this project. I think owning a 7G offspring is something to be rewarded, which is why they earn pretty high points. However, this favor is available to every person in the lineage, so I don't think the points need to be nerfed in any way. I think I might increase the gifting points for higher generation offspring soon so that there is a greater incentive to share the love, hehehe. Oh no, I do hope they get returned to you! It happens, sometimes. I've accidentally abandoned project offspring myself (from overbreeding). I wish there was some kind of warning or that you'd be given like an hour to clear another egg slot from your scroll instead of auto-abandoning the egg. That option is available for Celestial clutches, so I don't think it'd be that hard to implement for all eggs in general. After thinking about it carefully, I will be buffing Sky Clan just a little bit to make their Opportunistic trait a little stronger. I haven't decided if I'll be retroactively awarding the extra points right now, or wait till the Battle is over. More thinking is required! Yayy, hello and welcome to Imperial Harem! I'll give you a proper welcome in just a bit. (: You've posted the right forms, don't worry! I know this is a VERY wordy project and it can seem overwhelming at the beginning. Everyone's really warm and helpful so you'll receive plenty of help if necessary! Welcome to Sky Clan! Awww you're too sweet! It's ill deserved praise though; all that I do is put pretty clipart together in photoshop. I dabble a little in graphics manipulation for some freelance projects, so I do have quite an extensive collection of adorable clipart that I've obtained licenses for. I'm really excited to herald in the Spring Solstice though!
  9. | Imperial Harem Celebrates Spring! | It's time for a little springtime joy in China, and what better way to spark things off by celebrating Easter! First up, we've got a little Easter Raffle event! | The Black "Bunny"'s Mystery Eggs - coming soon! | Xiaomi has returned in her Easter finery and has decided to play dress-up with her fellow kitty friends. This time, they've decided to cosplay as the Easter Bunny - although it seems that one of them didn't exactly get the memo and got a little... confused.. well. You'll see! The main Raffle post is currently under construction. I'll do a proper Raffle update post when it's ready! This is just a teaser for what's to come. | Spruce up your Personal Hall so Eggcellently! | And here are some Easter exclusive premade Welcome images that you can display in your Personal Halls! As always, if you'd like me to update your personal entry in the Member's section, just tag me ( @Minkerbell ). Chubby Bunny Version Blue Bunny Version Pink Bunny Version The bulk of the Spring Festivities will commence next month when the Battle ends. This is just a yummy little teaser of what's to come! There will be another Raffle (with a little twist), and a special Spring Event that I'm currently working on. I'm really excited about it, and I hope it's something that you guys will enjoy!
  10. And another update! sorry for flooding you guys with updates; I had some free time and decided to make complete use of it. A whole series of Classic Hair color options are now available at the Barber's! I feel bad leaving the Marketplace closed for such a long time, so I decided to go ahead and do a complete set of classic hair options. Feel free to use any of them in place of the original Black haired pair and if you'd like me to update your Welcome Image, just tag me! They're available in the Marketplace post, but I decided to cross-paste them all here for easy reference. Imperial Harem Classics - Barber Shop Customize the hair color of the classic avatar by choosing from some preset images. These are freebies, so feel free to replace either of the default Welcome Images with any of these!
  11. ETA: I hope it's okay that I post the Francs form here! @Rekha I have earned Francs for the Queen! Name: Minkerbell Scroll Link: Link Francs earned: 5 Reason no.: 3G Offspring - +1 for donating a bred egg to @Oxuna of the same court 4G Offspring - +2 for donating a bred egg to @Mochi of the opposing court 5G Offspring - +2 for donating a bred egg to @JavaTigress of the opposing court Total: 5 francs
  12. Yup, I'm sure that luck has a lot to do with it! And I think Jade and Rose have had some really active individuals this month (+ a lot of 7th gen offspring), so that does contribute to their substantial lead as well. I'll be discussing the situation with my Clan Leaders before deciding on: 1. whether or not I need to buff Sky Clan 2. if there is a buff, how much of a buff will Sky Clan get and 3. when this buff will be applied. On one hand, I don't want any clan to be notably weaker than other clans and on the other hand, I need to be careful not to overbuff Sky Clan to the point where it becomes unfair to the other 2 clans. So, this may take a little time and maybe some trial and error. In the meantime, please know that your Clan Leaders and I will be deep in discussion about this!
  13. Sky Clan does seem to be falling behind, so I think I will look into balancing things a little soon. I need to really have a close look at the Google sheet to see if the other two clans have just have had more activity / luck this month or if Sky Clan's Favor Point system puts them at a disadvantage. It could also be that this particular Battle Effect is better catered to the other 2 clans because Sky Clan gains quite a fair bit more points from their opportunistic trait rather than straight out gaining points from correctly colored offspring (which is pretty in line with their Clan personality). The Battle effect changes with each Battle, so hopefully the next effect will be better for Sky Clan! Anyhow, I suspect that it's a mix of all the reasons above. Still, I will most likely be buffing Sky Clan's Favor Point system a little (very soon). To trail a bit could be coincidence and / or bad luck, but I think there's an inherent imbalance if a once leading Clan has fallen so far behind. I'm constantly hoping to update Imperial Harem and improve on it, so I'm really really sorry if I get things wrong sometimes. I'm still pretty new to hosting projects, so there is still a lot for me to learn. Thankfully, I've got a great and wonderfully understanding project family and it really makes me want to make things even better all the more for you guys. On a happier note, I'm really pleased that you all like the sound of the upcoming new features!
  14. Update - New Features based on Clan Hall upgrades | About Clan Hall Estates & Royal Subjects | Once each Clan has fully upgraded their Clan Hall to the maximum rank (currently Rank 5), they will be able to unlock new Royal Subjects and Buildings to further fortify their Clan Estate. Unlocking these will allow Clan members to enjoy new project features. Click on the spoiler below to read more about the different Royal Subjects and Special Buildings! More information about each new Subject / Building will be provided once they have been unlocked! | Current Clan Estates | Here's a small update on the current Clan Estates Jade Clan Clan Steward unlocked Scribe + Story Lines unlocked * Jade Clan members are now able to create their own Story Lines (ie lines from their own pair of CB Gemshards). More information about Story Lines can be found at the Jade Clan Hall section in this post. Rose Clan & Sky Clan Clan Steward unlocked I'm quite excited by these upcoming updates and hope that you guys will like them! Don't worry if some of the updates seem like they're rather far down the road. This is a journey and not a sprint! Plus hopefully, these will be incentives to keep working towards.
  15. I've added the points for all the posts before this one! Going to go update the main posts now, and after I'm done, I'll have a nice announcement to make! This is sooo cute, thank you for donating this! I'll host it on my server and will update the graphics section with it in a bit. Will add you to the wait list right after this! Thank you soooo much for gifting to Imperial Harem again! *hugs*
  16. And here's an update on the Battle so far! You guys ought to be proud for doing so impressively well! Current Score Tally: Jade Clan : 527 points | Rose Clan: 414 points | Sky Clan 268 points Top Contenders 1. esse | Jade Clan | 342 Battle Points 2. catstaff | Rose Clan | 225 Battle Points 3. pretty_thumb | Sky Clan | 96 Battle Points 4. Kelkelen | Rose Clan | 78 Battle Points 5. peachycupcake525 | Sky Clan | 62 Battle Points (esse and catstaff are like )
  17. No favor points for now, because I haven't thought about how to implement adjacent lines that don't originate from the official breeding pairs into the project just yet! I'm not ruling out the possibility that these could earn points one day, but that might be a distance into the future. But yes, you can definitely breed and gift these!
  18. Whew! Finally caught up with all updates posted up to here! All points have been tabulated and recorded. Great job, everyone!! I'll soon update the main posts to reflect all the updates. At the moment, only offspring that originate from the Heavenly / Sacred / Honored lines count towards the project, but I guess we could have some adjunct lines going on. This isn't official yet, but I like the idea and their story! However, since this isn't an official thing yet, their offspring will not count towards any favor points (at the moment). Added you to the wait list! I think that would look really pretty, so yes, that's fine! Hi there and welcome to Imperial Harem! I'm so sorry that it took me such a long time to welcome you. *hugs* I'm really happy to see that so many of our lovely members and the darlin Rose Clan Leader have already given you a nice warm welcome. I'm so happy that you've decided to join us and have no doubt that you'll soon bring honor to the Rose Clan! I look forward to seeing you around more! Also, I've added you to the Heavenly Rose wait list! There's a bit of backlog at the moment because that particular couple has been very stubborn and stingy with their offspring. Hopefully that changes soon! If you ever want to switch to the Sacred line wait list (which is a lot shorter), just let me know and I'll move you over! Again, I'm so happy that you're a part of our warm happy family now! (Honestly, I never expected that such a tight-knit and supportive family would grow out of a warring sort of project. Shows how wonderful everyone is!)
  19. Hi everyone! Before I begin looking through the past pages for all the posts I missed, I just wanted to apologize for my absence this week. My grandma has Parkinson's Disease and the past week was a particularly trying one. We all had to pitch in to help out and coupled with work, that meant I had very little entertainment time. I even missed Breeding Day! I have some time before I have to head out for the day, so I'll spend this time replying to any posts and basically trying to catch up on everything I missed. It might take me a while to get back on track, though, but I'll do my best! Sorry, and thanks for your understanding!
  20. Wow, 17th anniversary, that's amazing! My husband and I only got married 2 years ago, but we were already living with each other so it was really just a formality. Hehe. And now, we have 2 anniversaries to celebrate! Oh no, I hope the Blues start hatching for you! *sends Blue vibes* Woooo, a nice bunch of points for your Clan! The Shards have been very cooperative for you. All points have been added to this point!
  21. @Rekha Late to the party, but I finally tracked down the gifting info for these round of babies! I have earned Francs for the Queen! Name: Minkerbell Scroll Link: Link Francs earned: 13 Reason no.: +3 for donating this CB Hatchie to @Kurokosworth (a member of the same court) +4 for donating this CB Hatchie to @Mochi (a member of the opposing court) +3 for donating this CB Hatchie to @Ariento (a member of the same court) +3 for donating this CB Hatchie to @TempestSea (a member of the same court) Total: 13 Francs And now: I have more hatchies to gift! I want to donate a CB egg/hatchie! Name: Minkerbell Scroll Link: Link Transfer Link + Breed of egg/hatchie: CB Astrapi Hatchie (Male) ER || Make an offer (oops this one grew up) CB Pyro Hatchie (ungendered) || Make an offer As always, offer a dummy and I'll accept the first offer!