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  1. It's been a long time coming, but the Battle Results are finally out! Final Score Tally: Jade Clan : 955 points | Rose Clan: 774 points | Sky Clan 481 points Scores are being recorded in the official Imperial Harem Google Doc. Siege of Power For earning the greatest number of Battle points, the Jade Clan has won control over the Province of Guangxi. Congratulations to the Jade Clan! In addition to the honor of reigning over a new province, a special new wing will be added to your Clan Estate. Medal of Honor Congratulations to the Top 5 members! You will each be gifted an offspring from my personal Legendary Line or from one of the new special Star-crossed Lovers Lines. These lines do not have wait lists and special events such as Battles or Raffles are the only way to receive offspring from them. | The Legendary Couple | | The Star-Crossed Lovers | More information can be found at my Personal Hall post. Score Board First Place: @esse | Jade Clan | 627 Battle Points Second Place: @catstaff | Rose Clan | 396 Battle Points Third Place: @Kelkelen | Rose Clan | 208 Battle Points Fourth Place: @pretty_thumb | Sky Clan | 128 Battle Points Fifth Place: @Peachycupcake525 | Sky Clan | 119 Battle Points Congratulations to the above members! You may each choose an offspring from the following prize pool: Legendary Couple: Empress Dowager Xin and Xianfeng Emperor Wei (mortal form) : claimed by @catstaff Fairy Empress Xin and Eternal Emperor Wei (immortal form) : claimed by @esse Star-crossed Lovers: Yanluo Wang and Xiao Qian : 1 slots (1 claimed by @Kelkelen) Niulang the Cowherd and Zhinu the Weaver - 2 slots To claim your prize, please fill in the form below. Be sure to rank your preferences in order. Priority will be given according to your position. I'd like to Claim a Medal of Honor! Battle Points Redemption To reward everyone who participated actively (50 points or more) in the battle, you may each redeem a prize. Rules: - You can only claim 1 prize in total - You can opt for a prize from a lower tier - You can only choose a prize that is listed below - Prizes may be gifted or traded; freezing is allowed as well, but no killing or abandoning - All prizes will be delivered as eggs - All prizes are offered as IOUs; please allow for some time for the prize to be delivered to you. To check how many Battle Points you have earned, do refer to this Google Doc or you can check your entry in the Members section of the Clan Hall post. Prize Pool: Tier 1 (Above 300 points) - CB Gold Tier 2 (240 - 299 points) - CB Silver Tier 3 (180 - 239 points) - CB Xeno Tier 4 (100 - 179 points) - CB Gemshard Tier 5 (50 - 99 points) - Bred BSA Egg (Aeon | Bolt | Magi | Red | Pink * pick one) Claim a Prize! - Fill in the following form and post it in the thread.
  2. I have a female green, if you want her! I'll PM you a teleport link. OH DRAT IT ALL. She grew up just as I accessed the teleport page. So sorry! ---------------------------------- In other news, I was planning to post about the Battle results today but I just learned from a childhood friend that her father passed away, so I'll be attending the funeral. All updates and Battle scores will be done when I return!
  3. Ninja Update: All points that count towards the Battle have been added to the Google Doc. I will update the main posts when I next come online. I will also tabulate the scores to find the winners tomorrow. Today was spent to finalize the details of my special personal lines. Just to reiterate, these are rare lines that have no wait list. Offspring are gifted as prizes for events or special raffles. For the battle, the top 3 winners will get to receive an offspring from their choice of one of my couples (either the Legendary Line or one of the Star-Crossed Lovers lines). I'll post more information officially about these special lines of mine. But if you'd like a sneak peak of what I have so far, you can take a look at the Hall of Minkiness. (Sorry if I'm not very coherent right now. I've been writing late into the night after a tiring day and currently only about 1 brain cell is still active. )
  4. The Rose Clan welcomes you, @superboys Hi there, and a very warm welcome to Imperial Harem! Welcome to the Rose Clan. Your Clan Leader, @Mak0 is a little inactive due to real life commitments right now, but don't worry! I'll be here to answer any questions you may have, and there are many nice and friendly members that will only be too glad to help out too. I've added you to the Heavenly Rose wait list. There's a bit of a backlog right now, but in the meantime, there are plenty of people who would be willing to breed an egg for you from one of their lines. You can check out the list of breeders near the bottom of this post. Looking forward to seeing you around! We're a warm, tight-knit family and we can't wait to get to know you better. (:
  5. Yay, new blood!! Welcome! I'll give you a proper welcome in just a bitty bit.
  6. Congrats!! (: Alrighty, I'll hatch it and then decide whether I want to keep it or send it back to the AP as a hatchie. Added you to the wait list! Congrats on the new baby! And I'll add the point for the Consort for you soon! I'm in the middle of doing updates.
  7. 1. No more Battle Points from this post Every post before this one will count towards the battle score tally. After this, everything reverts to normal (no more battle bonus points as well!) I'll take a couple of days to tally up the final score and will update all the main posts soon! I'll post the renewed prize list soon as well. 2. Sacred Rose Offspring Mini Raffle Closed! Results are out!~ Congrats, @hedy! Let me know if you want your egg back.
  8. Aww, you're too kind! I've been neglecting this project in favor of Imperial Harem (something I'm very guilty about!!) because of how low key it is in comparison. But I'm glad that people still like its concept! I must give it some TLC soon. I'll add you to the wait list! I'm behind in terms of breeding schedule, but I should be breeding the couples tomorrow or the day after.
  9. 1. Last Call for Battle Points! A final reminder to submit your forms before Wed, 10pm EST if you want the points to count towards the Battle! I'll be tabulating all the scores and doing the updates tomorrow when all the final scores are in. 2. Breeding Report Heavenly Couples Sacred Couples 3. Sacred Rose Offspring Mini Raffle Offer a Dummy Egg or Hatchie to Enter No one was on the Sacred Rose wait list, so this eggy shall be raffled away~ Rules: - Open to members of all clans - 1 entry per person - Standard Imperial Harem gifting rules apply - Raffle closes at 10.30pm EST, Wed - Winner will be picked using this Random Name Picker
  10. Whoops I had to attend to something important today, so I only just PMed the winners with teleport links. It'll be breeding day tomorrow, so more eggs will be going out to you lovely people. (: I actually need to complete a few deadlines so I'll be doing the updates a little later. Thanks for the warm welcome back, guys! Hopefully I'll get all caught up soon.
  11. Raffle Drawing is Live! Updates: - All eggs have been revealed for each kitty! - All winners have been revealed! | List of Entrants | Strawberry Kittybun 1. @JavaTigress 2. @Peachycupcake525 3. @Oxuna 4. @Guillotine 5. @TempestSea 6. @Narrae 7. @Kurokosworth Blueberry Kittybun 1. @JavaTigress 2. @Warriorchick2000 3. @Mow 4. @kittyrules2003 5. @OutlawQueen 6. @mistywolf77 7. @pretty_thumb 8. @Ninjakittee Ice Cream Kittycorn 1. @Mow 2. @kittyrules2003 3. @catstaff 4. @OutlawQueen 5. @Peachycupcake525 6. @Mochi 7. @WildDragonFlying 8. @mistywolf77 9. Zidya 10 @Ninjakittee 11. @Kigyptnee 12. @Guillotine Kiwipie Kittybun 1. @HeDy 2. @Kelkelen 3. @catstaff 4. @Oxuna 5. @Mochi 6. @esse 7. Zidya 8. @Kigyptnee 9. PrinzFeuer 10. @TempestSea 11. @Kurokosworth Tangerine Kittybun 1. @HeDy 2. @Warriorchick2000 3. @Kelkelen 4. @WildDragonFlying 5. @esse 6. @pretty_thumb 7. PrinzFeuer 8. @Narrae Strawberry Kittybun Blueberry Kittybun Ice Cream Kittycorn Kiwipie Kittybun Tangerine Kittybun All Winners have been Revealed! Congrats to everyone, I'll be contacting you soon! For everyone who didn't win this time, thank you for participating! I hope you still like your little bunny gifts. There will be another raffle this month, so feel free to try again then!
  12. Hi guys! So I'm feeling better now, a lot more restored. Thank you all for the outpouring of sweetness and concern. It means a lot! I'm almost ready to return in full force, but before I do, here are some quick updates: The Battle for Guangxi has officially ended. It was supposed to end yesterday, actually. But due to my absence, I didn't manage to return in time to make final calls. So, to make up for that, I'm giving everyone until Wednesday, 10pm EST to submit your final Battle Favor Points. After that, I will take a couple of days to tabulate the final scores, round up the prizes and I'll do a final Battle Announcement some time on Friday. Thank you all for participating so actively in our first Battle! I know not everything was perfect, and I've got some tweaking to do, but I hope you all had fun! I actually already have plans for the next battle, and it's going to be quite different from this one. Hopefully in a good way. The Easter Raffle is now Closed I'll go through the posts before me to make sure that I didn't miss out any entrants. After that, I'll do a drawing to decide on the winners! And because I was too busy, the prize pool for this round will be revealed at the same time as the winners. Keep your eyes peeled for the reveal post! Imperial Harem's Spring Festival This will begin a little later than I planned, but I'm hoping to launch this next week (hopefully earlier!) April will be a more relaxing and peaceful month so everyone can recuperate from the toils of the Battle (LOVED all the good natured trash talk though).
  13. Hi everyone, I need to be honest with you guys. I'm dealing with some stuff now and I'm mentally drained. Just.. exhausted. I'm trying to be professional, but I've been almost dreading coming on the forums to deal with what I'm dealing with right now, and it's keeping me from my Imperial Harem duties. So I need to take some time off. Even if it's just a day. To completely detach myself before I reach any kind of breaking point, because I'm dangerously close to that. All I can say now is, there will be a bit of a backlog in terms of updates. Please bear with me while I regroup and recharge. I will be back better than ever very soon, so no worries about me disappearing on you guys. I just need..... a short sabbatical.
  14. You're very welcome! Thank you for the well wishes! You can only request a 2G egg from your clan's Heavenly / Sacred pair; but you can gift the 2G eggs you receive to a member of any clan. So, that's a way to get 2G Heavenly / Sacred eggs, just need to find a generous soul! Aww how lovely! I'll add add your Story Couple to the list, and will also add the points you earned for creating a Story Line soon. And yes, you can come up with your own naming conventions (although I would ask that the titles not be related to royalty / nobility since those titles are for the Heavenly / Sacred / Honored Lines. This will be reflected in the Story Line section soon!). Will add you to the breeders list!~ Will add the points! Will add the points! I'll add you both to the Raffle, good luck! Heh, my mistake! I meant, with the Battle bonus applied, they grant 20 points. I noticed that myself! I kinda despair in her a little on behalf of the Sky Clan.. but who knows? Maybe she has a Plan. (On the flipside, most [if not all] of Concubine Hua's offspring are Red). ------------------------------------ The forums are being strangely laggy for me right now, so I'll complete the updates that I've consolidated in this post a little later! (I'll also format this properly so that it isn't so very long and space-consuming ).
  15. Helping you tag @Rekha regarding this. She has been in rather poor health lately, so I think there might be a bit of a delay before she's able to breed you an Honored Line offspring. ------ And now I'm really off for the night! (Stupid migraine). I'll catch up on all updates tomorrow!
  16. Yes, you can definitely have more than 1! I haven't set a maximum number of Story Lines each member can have, and I don't really think that I plan to. So, go crazy!
  17. Alright, all points earned before this post have been tabulated and added to the Google Doc! I've also updated all the main posts. With Regards to Clan Favor System Balancing: It's a lengthy discussion, so I tucked all the compiled comments as well as my responses under the cut: I'd like to thank everyone for your feedback about the current Clan Favor Systems! These discussions really help me a lot because they give me a lot of clarity. I will admit that the Clan Favor Systems are not as balanced as they could be at the moment, and I do apologize for that. But we're still a young project (I know it's a little hard to believe given our HUGE amount of activity, but Imperial Harem is only about 3 months old). This is my first time attempting to host a project which runs quite a bit like a game in its own right, and games always require constant rebalancing and testing. So, thank you so much for helping me to improve Imperial Harem! Once the Battle is over, I will launch the Spring Event and then, I will take some time to look into re-working the Favor Systems for each Clan. I must say that I will not get it right immediately (there is the smallest chance, me being me, that I might actually make things WORSE at first), but one thing's for sure. I will not stop trying to make Imperial Harem as good as it can be. So, mushy as it sounds, thank you all for bearing with me and sticking with Imperial Harem through the ups and downs! I now am going to crawl into bed with a major migraine (not caused by Imperial Harem LOL). I'll have more updates tomorrow when I can! Also, apologies to all on the Marketplace wait list. My desktop is back and working again so I'm hoping to get your updated Welcome graphics to you by this weekend (hopefully sooner!).
  18. Updated the Google Doc to the bottom of page 101 (Kigyptnee's post!) Sorry, I've been swamped with work lately. Will catch up and answer the questions posted and complete the remaining updates (will update the main posts when I'm fully caught up) when I get back later and have more time on my hands.
  19. I'm so sorry that I've been neglecting this project! I'm going to do the necessary updates now!
  20. Congrats to Rose Clan for Unlocking the Scribe! Clan Steward unlocked Scribe + Story Lines unlocked * Rose Clan members are now able to create their own Story Lines (ie lines from their own pair of CB Gemshards). More information about Story Lines can be found at the Rose Clan Hall section in this post.
  21. All Favor Points earned before this post have been added to the Google Doc! I'll update the main posts to add people to wait lists soon. I hope it does too! *hugs back*
  22. Hi guys! Sorry for my sudden absence. So, there was an unexpected power outage at my home the other day, and my computer got switched off abruptly. When the power came back, I couldn't turn my computer on anymore! I'm not sure if something inside got dislodged or fried, but it's currently off for repairs. This means that I've got to close the marketplace for now because my saved files are all on the desktop. That's what I get for not backing them up. T_T I'm also experiencing a bit of vertigo on and off so I'm limiting my time on the computer for a while. I'm feeling much better now, so I'll be back tomorrow to catch up on all the updates and questions! Hope everyone is having a better weekend that I've been having so far! ETA: AND OF COURSE. There's something wrong with my web server so all images hosted there are currently down. I'll look into getting help for that. Sorry!! Boy, this has been a particularly trying couple of days.
  23. As long as you enter the Easter Raffle (which you have!), you gain the baby bunnies as an entry prize and can use them anywhere! You can use the spoiler tags by clicking on the eye icon on the tool bar (next to the emoticon icon). It won't appear properly until you publish your post, so if you do a preview, it would seem as though it isn't working. You can use any CB Gemshard for this project regardless of how many offspring / mates they had previously as long as they only breed with an Imperial Harem dragon from now on! Added you to the waitlist! It's 1 ingot for both the Tulip and the Daisy. I'll have a peek at your hall very soon!! Can't wait to see what you've done with it. And like I told OutlawQueen, since you've also entered the Raffle, you're free to use the bunnies! That's done perfectly! (: I've added you to the wait list. Added his request to the wait list! Aww how nice! I hope you manage to get the other back as well. I'll add you to the Raffle right after this! Added the points! ETA: I've cleared the Marketplace wait list. You should all have received PMs with updated Welcome graphics!