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  1. hi everyone, I'm so sorry for my sudden absence. Real life has been really demanding and I haven't had the time / mood to come online. Just a quick note to let everyone know that I absolutely have not abandoned you guys. I just need some time and will catch up on all that I've missed asap. Miss you all and loads of love!
  2. Oops, my bad! It was late last night when I updated the thread and I miscounted the Bingos for Ol' Smiley. All treats contributed to Smiley after my previous post are considered as refunded! Both balloons and their alternate forms have now been unlocked! I just got back home and need to rush out a deadline, so I'll need a while before I upload the newly unlocked images. But I promise that they're coming soon! And here are the results for the Little Sacred Rose raffle! Congrats to @Kelkelen! And also, a friendly reminder that the Sacred Rose wait list is still empty, so if you'd like a Sacred Rose offspring, @Rose Clan, this would be a great time! --------------------------------- I'm working my way through the other updates (housekeeping, event-related etc), but it might take me a bit to get everything up to speed! --------------------------------- ETA: @Moogirl25 - Yay, a lovely Personal Hall post! I'll link it to the main thread in just a bit.
  3. As long as you've collected them (eg if you save them in your Personal Hall), you can use them even if they've been replaced! --------------- Working on some updates now! ETA: Updated the cards! (With your versions of it, Hedy & Peachy, thank you for the updated images!) Candy deliveries are out! And the Smiley Balloon (thanks for the names, Hedy! I totally forgot to name them) has been unlocked! *bigger version coming soon Here's the current status of both cards:
  4. I'll add you to the wait list in just a bit! Yes, there are 3 free candies daily. The jujubes are used to get extra candies in addition to the free 3. Oops, I should have made this clearer. It's actually a collaborative effort across the 3 clans. I decided to have something non-competitive for once, just to take a little break before the next battle begins, eheh.
  5. Breeding Report! Heavenly Couples Sacred Couples Sacred Rose Offspring Mini Raffle Offer a Dummy Egg or Hatchie to Enter No one was on the Sacred Rose wait list, so this eggy shall be raffled away~ Rules: - Open to members of all clans - 1 entry per person - Standard Imperial Harem gifting rules apply - Raffle closes at 11am EST - Winner will be picked using this Random Name Picker
  6. | Event Update | 1. Stage 2 Bingo Cards have been added! Sorry for the delay in getting these up! The same thing applies - contribute treats and score a bingo to unlock the balloons! And if you manage to score 3 bingos, a bonus version of that hot air balloon will be unlocked! ** do note that the busy season still isn't over for me, so I will be slow in updating these cards. But if you'd like, you can save the image, and go ahead and strike off the treats everytime you contribute something. 2. Candy Deliveries are out! I believe I've cleared all candy orders, but in case I haven't, please let me know! 3. Pick up your critters! I haven't had the time to send critters out individually but as long as you've unlocked a critter, feel free to pick them up from the Events post! 4. Gumball Machine is Rolling Again! A new batch of candy has emerged from the machine! To answer a quick question about the machine - as long as the treats appear in the Gumball Machine section, feel free to pick them up! They're free for all.
  7. Hi everyone, I finally had some time (and energy!) on my hands, so all housekeeping has been caught up with! I'll post a General Update and an Events Update in a bit. But first of all, I'd like to give a warm welcome to our newest member - @Moogirl25! The Sky Clan welcomes you, @Moogirl25! Hi there! A very warm welcome to you, and a thousand apologies for being late in welcoming you! I'm so thrilled that you've decided to join the Imperial Harem family! I've added you to the waitlist for a Heavenly Egg. I'll be breeding the original couples soon, so hopefully you'll be able to get your first egg in just a bit. In the meantime, there's a list of breeders that you can obtain an egg from (3rd gen and beyond). People also often gift their bred offspring in the main thread, so keep a look out for those! I know the amount of content can be overwhelming initially, but if you ever have any questions, I'm just a PM away! We're a warm and friendly bunch, and we can't wait to get to know you better!
  8. Sorry for my absence again. I've had a really busy and tiring couple of days and need some time to recharge. I promise I'll catch up on updating the event and housekeeping stuff soon.
  9. | Event Update | 1. Bingo x 2! Sasha & Rach have been unlocked! Thanks to everyone who donated their candies so generously, Sasha and Rachelle have both been unlocked and are available for use in your Personal Halls! 2. All outstanding Candy Orders have been fulfilled! Everyone who put in an order before this post should have received a PM with their candies! If I missed you, please let me know and I'll remedy that. 3. Mystery Baskets will be in the store very soon 3 will be listed tomorrow. The baskets may not be added at the same time. 4. Gumdrop Machine Backlog has been posted Feel free to hop on by and pick up the treats that were owed over the past few days! You'll have at least until 9am EST, 19 April to pick them up, after which they will be replaced by a new trio of daily sweets. 5. Critter Collection Outpost is now open! For those who have completed your cards and were owed critters, they can now all be picked up at the Critter Collection Outpost. As long as your name is listed, you can collect your critter! For your convenience, here they are! (Cross posted from the main event post) 6. Stage 2 Bingo Cards are in production! Xiaomi has been slacking a little, so the cards aren't ready yet. Be prepared for a bit of a challenge though. These balloons aren't that easy to repair! The good news is that if you collect enough treats, there might just be enough materials to construct additional balloons in different colors. Wouldn't that be nice?
  10. Thank you for the kind words! To clarify: 地狱亲 (Diyu Qin) translates to "a blood relation of Diyu". It's hard to get a direct translation for it because it kinda works as a phrase. I do have to omit the extra G though; my han yu pin yin (Mandarin phonetics) leave much to be desired. I'll update that entry soon! To clarify, the right title is Diyu Qin (地狱亲). (I know it looks strange on Google translate; straight translations don't always work very well due to certain grammar nuanaces). Diyu (地狱) is the commonly used name for Hell / the realm of the Dead.
  11. Hehe, I had to attend to some work stuff so I hadn't gotten down to updating yet. So no worries! ----------------- ETA: Okay, I've done all official Imperial Harem points addition to the Google Doc and will now be updating the main Clan Halls post to update the score and the ingots. I've also added Mochi to the Heavenly Jade wait list and I've added catstaff's lovely new Story Line to the main post! Once I'm done with housekeeping, I'll be moving on to Events updates and will work on getting that candy out to everyone!
  12. First, before I get down to catching up with the other updates, here are the drawing results for the little Jade egg. Congrats @OutlawQueen! Let me know if you want your egg back. Sorry for the delay guys, I totally forgot that I had created this raffle.
  13. Hey everyone! Sorry for the sudden disappearance. It was a rough couple of days for my friend whose father passed recently, so I had to take a step away from DC. Wish I had thought to come by to post a heads up but I was a little emotionally drained. I have some time later today, so I'll work at getting everything up to speed! I'll post more candies for the Gumball Machine (to make up for the backlog of the days I missed!) [[ Sometimes I wish RL would get the memo that I just started an Imperial Harem event, but alas! ]]
  14. Ooh congrats on getting the Ferret! I've added you to the IOU list and will get him to you asap! Also, thanks for your contribution to Sasha's card! I've updated it!
  15. Breeding Report! Heavenly Couples Sacred Couples Heavenly Jade Offspring Mini Raffle Offer a Dummy Egg or Hatchie to Enter No one was on the Heavenly Jade wait list, so this eggy shall be raffled away~ Rules: - Open to members of all clans - 1 entry per person - Standard Imperial Harem gifting rules apply - Raffle closes at 10.30pm EST, Sun - Winner will be picked using this Random Name Picker Congrats on unlocking the Guinea Pig! I'll add update the Critter IOU list!
  16. | Event Update | 1. Here are the updated cards: 2. Mystery Baskets Temporarily Sold Out The adorable baskets are currently sold out. There will be a restock tomorrow at a somewhat mysterious time. 3. Critters IOU Like a silly roo, I forgot to upload my completed Critter images and had to make a last minute (emergency) trip to my friend's house for the weekend. Everything's well, except that I'll only be able to get the critters out to you guys when I return home. Here's a list of people who are expecting their critters: 4. How are candies distributed in the packs / gumball machine? To try and keep things as fair as possible, I use a random generator to decide what candies go into the packs or are released by the Gumdrop machine. The Bingo cards are also randomly arranged. So, duplicate candies do occur all over the place. It is as intended! Annoying yes, but I'm not to be blamed. /chuckles nervously. It's the Candy Wheel, you guys. 5. This event is a little too easy, right? New (and more difficult cards) will eventually be released. And yes, there will be more Solo Cards! 6. Yes, you can update the Clan Cards as you contribute to them As pointed out by esse, I'm not as quick in updating as I'd like to be. So, yes, feel free to scratch out your contributions! I'm sure I'd appreciate the help, especially on busier days.
  17. You've fed the machine and added a new treat! Rachelle thanks for you the contribution to her card. And here are your candies: Congratulations on unlocking the Ferret! I'll send him your way asap (he's stuck in my desktop computer because I forgot to upload him to Google Drive. And thank you for the contributions to Rach's card! Congratulations on recruiting the Ferret for your team! I'll send him your way when I get back on my computer. Sorry for the wait! Also, I've tabulated and recorded all of your points! And here are your candies! All your points have been added! I'm sorry but once the first group of sweets are gone, they're gone! On the brighter side, you've managed to claim the final Mystery Basket. There's only one left for now, but the restock will happen soon. (And of course, you'll only be charged for 1 basket!) I think it would be great if you all didn't mind striking off the cards when contributing to them. As it is, you've offered a duplicate treat (HeDy already contributed the blue Cotton Candy earlier, so yours has been returned to you!) Congrats on unlocking the Terrier and Bunny! I'll get them to you as soon as I can! Also, sorry but the Candy Shop is currently out of Mystery Baskets! The restock will happen tomorrow at a mysterious time. But in the meantime, all other packs are still available! Oops, sorry the Mystery Baskets are sold out for the day. But here's your Cotton Candy Fun Pack! -------------------------------------------- Gonna update the cards now! Cards updated! ETA: And here are your candies!
  18. Congrats on being the first to unlock the Ferret! I had to stay at a friend's place for the weekend and forgot to upload Mr Ferret onto my Google Drive so I'll only be able to send him over to you on Mon when I get back on my computer. Will get him over to you asap, sorry for the delay! And, well done!! *sprinkles confetti* Added the points for this! (: Here are your sweets! Here are your sweets!
  19. Added your points! And here's your cotton candy pack: Here are your Cupcakes! Added your updates! Also, it's 1 point for all story offspring, so I've added that point for you. (: Here are your cupcakes! Thanks for contributing to Sasha! I'll update her card soon.
  20. The Spring Event has Begun! 12 April - 12 May Sasha the Unicorn and Rachelle the Spring Lamb have crash landed in Imperial Harem! It's up to you to help them gather the supplies they need to rebuild their hot air balloons and travel home safely! Xiaomi the Lucky Cat has turned the list of sweet supplies they need into Bingo cards. Gather sweets throughout the event and unlock prizes to help our Spring Friends! Visit the official Spring Events Section to find out more!
  21. Tabulated and recorded all the points up to this post! Love them! And the way you filled up the form is fine. I'll add them to the Graphics section in a bit, thank you so much for these!
  22. Updates! Congratulations to Jade Clan and Rose Clan for unlocking their Royal Vaults! The Vault Exchange is now open for business. You can access your Clan's Vault in your Clan Hall section of this post. Here's a sneak preview of the treasures that you can get in exchange for donating your hard earned ingots! More items will be added over time! Here's a sneak preview for the upcoming Spring Festival that will most likely be launched tomorrow! It's rather experimental, this event. I'm not sure how it will play out, but hopefully you guys will find it interesting! *fingers crossed* PS: There will be some event specific items available for ingot purchases, so bear that in mind before going shopping in the Vault! All Favor Points from posts between my previous post and this one will be tabulated and recorded soon! Sorry for the delay, I've been prioritizing the Spring Event because it's long overdue. I'll get down to housekeeping soon.
  23. Missed you, lovely lady!! I hope you're feeling better now! *tons of hugs* So excited that it's breeding day tomorrow for the Queen's Court! Going to just slip this form in: I would like to request an egg from the Dauphin or Dauphine! Name: Minkerbell Scroll Link: Link Court I belong to: Queen's Court ** Would love an offspring from these two! I don't have a Pyro / Mageia line yet! The most sincere of apologies to my fellow Queen's Court members for not being active lately! I'm hoping to resume breeding very soon, and will hopefully have some lovely little ones for donating~ And of course, many forms to post tomorrow!
  24. I found the post that I missed! Added the babies in, let me know if there are any others that I may have missed!
  25. I just bred Xin and Wei for you, but they decided not to give an egg this week. I'll make a note in their section in the Hall of Minkiness, and will contact you again next week! Waiting on @Kelkelen and @pretty_thumb to choose their prizes! But either way, you should get an egg from either Starcrossed Lovers couple this week or next week. Whoops, sorry I must have missed your post! I try to take note of my updates, but things do slip past during busier times. Sorry about that, I'll go check your previous posts and will also add these to the Doc. Thanks for the heads up!