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  1. A bit late but if anyone here still misses the new dragons- I got a few hatchies (all CB) to spare so just pm me and say which type you need :) (I'll be afk for a few hours though so dont be alarmed if you dont get a reply!)

  2. I've been on for a while now and few hours ago, the Volcano biome was full of glassy eggs and you could even find the musky eggs in all biomes (though compared to volcano they were more empty) and I didn't see any windy eggs (maybe one for a flash?). Also I started to see non new eggs drop as well. I'm not sure if this info helps but either way this is quite a surprise.

  3. Have: New red and new blue gem eggs.

    I want them to go to someone that doesn't have any yet, so please offer and have your scroll set to breed sort so I can check.

    Offers from scrolls that aren't sorted by breed will be declined. Scrolls with named dragons with have preference over scrolls with unnamed dragons.

    If your forum name and scroll name are different, please also PM me and let me know your scroll name and what you offered, as I have some other eggs on cool down to give away also. smile.gif

    If you have other coloured gem eggs than the one you're offering on, that's fine, but preference will be given to those without any. If you have just one of that colour and feel like trying your luck, then go ahead smile.gif

    I'll be checking in about an hour, so don't offer if you don't feel like waiting that long

    All reds are on cool down please just offer on the blue smile.gif



    I dont have either and just offered on blue smile.gif

  4. Well, not for me. I'm giving up for today.

    Same; been trying for a while but couldnt snag a single time egg. And just 2 eggs away from an egglock, oh well - people have been either really hoarding them or they just significantly drop more rarely.


    Gratz to everyone who got it though biggrin.gif

  5. I really, really love the new update; the Silvers look amazing, I know a lot of people appreciated the previous 'sketchy' and rough look but to me, this smoother one is a lot better and I absolutely adore the shading and colouring. The one thing I agree with is that its a shame they no longer look at each other when posed side by side but oh well, cant have it all wink.gif


    The splits look lovely as well! I wasnt that keen on colelcting them before because of the designs but now I got an urge to stock up on few!


    Now, if only the Albino dragon got a sprite update Id be so happy...

  6. Let me just start by saying I absolutely love the halloween event, its so much fun and thank you everyone who had a part in making it possible! My only question is - is it possible for the dino sprites to stay the way they look with the potion effect? Pretty please? Maybe an eventual sprite update? The original ones were lovely but the potion-affected sprites are downright gorgeous, it feels like such a shame to just let them go they look like they took quite some work.

  7. The gold in TJ's post is the sprite we had before our current ones.

    Oh , thank you! Like I said I'm relatively new and I haven't been around for that sprite; but if that's the case, it can be a good example of a sprite update gone right because I definitely like the current one better.

  8. Personally, I agree that the quality of sprites definitely gone up over the years and I definitely like the newer sprites better -- however, newer doesn't always equal better to be honest and for example, if the gold dragon on the first page is the example of the updated gold sprite, I can't say I like it very much and in this case, I think I prefer the older one. I'm relatively new so I'm sorry if I mistook the sprite for something else; I'd love to see an updated version of silvers but I think it's a good idea to keep the current style of the sprites and just make a newer remake rather than introduce a whole new design.