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  1. CAN BREED : siblings of these dragons https://dragcave.net/lineage/rOlwz https://dragcave.net/lineage/C9tOS WANT : other 3G checker from ALT sweetling. 2G sweetling from ALT sweetling x heartstealing (mate for her ) Please PM before breeding. Also have 2 x CB ALT sweetling available to breed for interesting offer(s).
  2. 1. Asura 2. Raspberry + vanilla + cashew nuts
  3. Forum Name : Asura PM Link : PM Me List of Christmas Dragons I Can Breed : CBs 1 Snow Angel (white wings) : A n g e l s T a l e 2 Ribbon Dancer : R e i k o , P U Z E 2 Winter Magi : N i j i , L a t m i r 2 Wrapping Wings : P e r f e c t M o m e n t , C o u n t d o w n 2 Solstice : N v 4 r i , G F 0 0 t 2 Mistletoe : I t s u k a n o M e r y X m a s , E p i c D a y Hoshino (mutamore mate) & sorenna (silver lunar herald mate) 2 Aegis (pacified) : P i e r r o t , M V P 2 Snow : L e t I t G o , unnamed. Hoshino (soulstone mate) Lineage 3G Snow Angel (white wing) x Purple checker 3G Mistletoe x Royal Crimson checker List of Christmas Dragons I Need : 2G Snow Angel (white wing) x Yulebuck - I need Snow Angel egg for him. Now that past CB holiday is in cave, I need (assuming CB limits is 2) : 2 x CB Holly 2 x CB Yulebuck 1 x CB Snow Angel Mates of Christmas Dragon I need : 3G white x Yulebuck for him , unrelated to her Thank you tjenni!
  4. Non-alt hatchlings (free to freeze) : undine (2G PB) Thanks for posting back, DevilAngelWolf27! Vine (super messy Z-coded Thuwed + Dorkface) Vine (messy) Vine (slightly messy) GONE
  5. It's the rosebud I bred. I claimed it, thank you for posting.