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  1. Definitely not alone. Halloween biome is still dropping, it appears every 15 minutes for me. But nothing whatsoever elsewhere.
  2. I'm not getting any 5 minute drops at all. Only on the hour. This may be the first year I don't get the Halloween dragons when they're released. I've been trying since last night.
  3. I ALWAYS MISS VALENTINE'S DAY SOMEHOW. I managed to get some of the previous eggs, but I lost one and the missed the new release because I was out of the country for work. Waaaaaah. ;~;
  5. Solstice dragons... says you get one of the two kinds (colorful and blue) depending on when the egg is bred. What about caveborns? Is it dependent on when they hatch, or when the egg was caught?
  6. I should be working on a chemical plant. I'm up to my hydrolysis reactor and now... ...sitting on DC and working on a fanfic, oops.
  7. I collect Swarovski Christmas ornaments, and (non-screen used/fan built) movie props. Have the Cryocan from Jurassic Park, Hammond's cane, a screen-accurate Jumanji board, the miniaturization chips from Innerspace, Han Solo's blaster (ANH Hero version), and a full-size (functional) R2D2. Working on a Rocketeer helmet. Used to have a Delorean time machine, but someone T-boned us at a red light when we were on our way to a convention and totaled it - that one is, unfortunately, a much more expensive replacement that will take a few years.
  8. LIFE IS LIKE A HURRICANE, HERE IN DUCKBERG. RACECARS, LASERS, AEROPLANES... We went on a nostalgia kick and were looking up old cartoon openings, and now Duck Tales is lodged in my skull and it. won't. leave.
  9. I'm aware I wasn't personally being viewbombed. Didn't think I'd suggested that. I posted because it seemed very odd to me that I lost an egg in half an hour (and I've never lost an egg to sickness) not because I felt I was being "personally" viewbombed. After I posted, I saw the thread below mine "Death Glitch" and realized it was the same problem, and immediately pulled my eggs from EATW. I see three pages of people here and at least as many on the other thread with the same problem - I'm quite aware it was the whole site.
  10. A few specific ones seemed to be dropping at a higher rate than others (I have yet to see a Holly, though I know others have, but I have seen a ton of Aegis and Wrapping Wing). I know I caught all of those in the first three hours, so as I watched the biome after, I was refreshing waiting for new ones to pop up. I kind of felt like everyone else may have done the same, and that's why they were lasting so long - most people waiting already had the ones dropping.
  11. I'm pretty sure I'm about to lose two of my Christmas eggs. I have them fogged, and I'm going to fog them all before I go to bed, but I think I'm going to lose these two. What upsets me about the two that I already lost (not Holiday eggs) was that they were already down to 4 days... it didn't protect them. And I really don't come on the site enough to watch them and make sure no one decides to kill them. So I don't know how on earth I'm going to get them all hatched if I have to fog them whenever I can't watch them like an eagle. :/
  12. This is also the only time I've ever had an egg that was fogged still die. I took it down from all the hatcheries and fogged it and it still died. I thought when fogged they weren't supposed to get views or clicks?
  13. I wish there was a way to find out who swiped the code. Someone is obviously being malicious.
  14. This is horribly upsetting. I wish I'd seen this. I just lost an egg in half an hour. And it was an egg I intentionally made sure it was not brand new to minimize its risk of getting sick.
  15. How on EARTH? I had a Fell dragon egg that was already down to 5 1/2 days, so it wasn't a brand new egg... I added it to a click site and now, half an hour later, it's already dead??? How is this even possible? I didn't even have time to save it - the only reason I knew is because I was checking how many spots I had left for the holiday eggs. Additionally, a second egg that was added at the same time got sick, but didn't die... same number of views/clicks. This is a terrible time of year to have a dead egg.
  16. I'm only posting this here because this is the "suggestion" forum... Pleeeeeeeaaaaaasssse do a holiday biome for Christmas and Valentine's. I have a bad tendency to drop off around the holidays and miss some. I know it's no guarantee, but I hope it went well enough that it is a consideration for the next holidays.