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  1. School resumes tomorrow and today's been absolutely unproductive. Worst part? I can't go to sleep yet cuz these retards decide to pump water now of all times. If I sleep at school tomorrow, then... 😰
  2. 32 No... what confused me was the yet to be edited 2 * 7 you'd put; I'd refreshed just as you'd posted it xD
  3. Fifteen ferocious... fillets! What? D-don't look at me... who's to say meat can't revolt when plants and computers can? I mean, they actually have a reason or few to revolt against their inhumane human murderers!
  4. Fill me in, Pilauli. Thirteen thrifty throngs. OhanddidsomeonesaytwinknonodontmindmeImjustaskingforresearchpurposes^^ ... ... Ah, twinky. My bad, my bad u.u
  5. Ain't too proud of it, but, uh... https://dragcave.net/view/JbmF9 A zombie lineage? Hope I ain't askin' for the impossible...