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  1. Guess I'll just have to go all out on my first lucky year, then. Even if I'm successful in 10-12/15 attempts, I'll have mostly reached my zombie goals
  2. Patpat some peeps just have it rough, eh? Here's to hoping we'll have a bit of camilo's luck at least next time... Silently retreats to a corner.
  3. ... Guys. I attempted to revive my Baikala... and am successful. This is cheating
  4. Whaaaaq 4/5??!! Luck no be on my side T-T
  5. Perches myself on that one Gaia and rides off with it~ I have all but Holly's and gold Undines, so help yourself
  6. Them lizards are back to haunt me. Somehow they don't seem to realize that the attraction they feel towards me is anything but reciprocated. Ever since I was a kid, they'd have a habit of falling over me outta nowhere. Naturally, I'm quite traumatized. And the fact that I live with a mother from whom I prolly inherited the phobia doesn't help either. smhsmh.
  7. Ooh I've that one item you're missing @Zeditha.
  8. Walking in to a lot of confusion here... um, why not just call 'em trick or treats(ToT!!!) and, er, freaky forest spoils? 49 and godTJ knows how many of each ^^ ffs, that cavern lurker's leaving me totally ToT
  9. Um is it just me or did that long hourly drop did not occur? Like um they were all gone in under half a minute?
  10. IKR. And cavern lurkers are pretty old too ;( AAAAAAAAA CAVERN LARKARS REEEEEEEEEEEEE
  11. Cavern lurkers. Those are all I need. Only two spots on my scroll. Cavern lurkers. Why you do this? Sighs.
  12. Wow, why'd you have cut something like that, @Ruby Eyes? xD As for me, Bueno necesito dormir ahora.
  13. I want to be mad at Star for interrupting the 100s, but I can't 😢 Hugs I hope you get well soon ^^ five. And wait, Star's a GIRL?!