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  1. Oh well. They're suddenly in so much demand and I don't really understand why 😅 They're only last year releases, are they not?
  2. Why're omens suddenly thuweds? Did I miss something???
  3. Only if you're prepared to fall. Poster, may I kill my leetle tree?
  4. Ah, that makes sense xD they sure look the part
  5. ... So why's this a halloween dragon again?
  6. (YJsyx'x tpp manu vohja;asloing askecothes tp fd,d,ndf_ ... I'm starting to think I've a medical condition...
  7. Eunuch ------------- Cartridge
  8. Yes, as long as you're willing to pay up ^^ Poster, may I hack into DC?
  9. Consensual ------------------- Horrid
  10. This is the last place for a certain unfortunate soul that couldn't turn even a third of his dragons smh
  11. Would make for an interesting dragon 🤔
  12. Welp, there go my fantasies of this not being western. At least we had Omens.
  13. I think the codes were just a joke on how the event potatoes took the event by the storm. It was a joke on them nonetheless u.u
  14. At least it looks long enough 🤔 Every hour EDT.
  15. I'm just glad they don't look the least bit anarchidish. Now it'd have been hilarious if they looked like potatoes. Or were potatoes. Spuds for tha win!!!
  16. @Lagie It's some 2 and a half hours from now, but if that's the case, then how'd the other two slots open this morning? Aaaargh so confuzzling >_<
  17. I killed 4 dragons on 17th but only 2 kill slots opened reopened. I checked my account log again and again to make sure I didn't kill in between. What's happening 😢
  18. Let's cheer on that. Hopefully it'll have extra heads instead of extra appendages?
  19. All this spider talk... I wonder if TJ considered that arachnophobia is a thing 🤔
  20. Ahh that explains the awfully dead cave...
  21. Ehh, I'm too lazy, but other than going to the house, there's only some three-four things to do separately, the rest you'll get as the story progresses. 1. Go back to the floret after curing the tree. 2. Go back to the misfits after removing two totems, but before you go the the guardian after removing the third. 3. Enter the cave with the bones for what people choose to call an adorable skeleton. 4. Investigate the cage. ... I think that's all. Yeah, this too, sacks and all.
  22. Nah, I'd not considered that the egg stays there for the whole month. Thought the prize would end up occupying an egg slot ^^" Ooh you're a slytherin too? ALL HAIL SLYTHERIN!!!
  23. I wonder how the raffle winners of this month are gonna feel... And is it just me or are the biomes surprisingly dead? Single digits everywhere? Already??