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  1. Am I the only one that's still struggling for that one holly egg?
  2. The factory farming stuff comes into play later in the story, but you should read it anyway. The entirety of the first arc is simply glorious and the second had me hooked too, though right now things are proceeding a little slow u.u
  3. ... Duh? Would you not turn into a vicious predator if your child was kidnapped for fun? So I saw these lineages where Pink dragons just came from Aria dragons? How are they even related??
  4. I seem to have stumbled upon a place teeming with vegans 😆 Completely irrelevant, but there's this amazing manga called The Promised Neverland that inadvertently shows what it's like to put humans in place of cattle and fowl in meat production industries and just grazes it. From there on, I went to dig more into the industry and even those clickbait videos with titled like "this will change your perspective of chicken forever". Yes, it's terrible. No, I still don't plan on abstaining from non-veg. Thought I must add that my consumption has dropped significantly. Though I must also add that it's mostly due to financial strains 😅 Edit: Um... I don't mean to offend, in case it comes off that way ><
  5. Cuz "gammadelt" is "gammadelt" and not "gammadelta"? Duh?? Why do flatearthers exist?
  6. The picture those illuminati watchamacallits took of the big bang. What is 'the zone'?
  7. Yes, but only if it's to San Francisco. Why're rainbows so colourful?
  8. I come from this part of the world that never gets to see the face of snow u.u
  9. Fufufu... looks like Rose's luck barely grazed off of me back then xD congrats rememberdragons and arigatsu blue ❤️
  10. Missed the last one after promising to win smh, but I'm baaaaaaaack~~~ G1v3M e40WP L3a5e Thanksu ^^
  11. Au@ I goiess I didn't dp dp bad. cpmdeoferomg ykay O , osed tp ti]omg pm sm[yjet 'a,goaje/ amd ne'poee pt [r ,[y ula .;ES A MPF DSPFFERE,CE!! O.O Hey Pilauli! Just saw your message and yes and no, just that my keyboard has really hard-to-feel keys with negligible edges. Doesn't matter cuz I type at lightning speed anyway, though xD
  12. Insecure ------------ Unanimous
  13. Ah, wasn't something like this the idea behind that dino cave prank? I doubt TJ would want to revive it tho 🤔
  14. Reading this thread made me realize how ironic the limit scheme for holidays is. TJ imposed limits on Christmas and Valentine cuz it was supposed to be all about giving, while Halloween is supposed to be about snagging as much as we can. Instead, we have peeps actively seeking to gift during Halloween, while most are hesitant about it on Christmas and Valentine xD
  15. How much woof woudl a woof vhuivk vivk of s eoof vhivk vpi;lf vivjovl e[[f? At least I lasted two words woof woof 🐶