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  1. Six and night~ (That is so me, though in my case I'd gotten back to the cave a bit earlier.)
  2. YeeHaw!!!!! (I'm trying to be sensible here, but am sure I failed) Five (Why, thank you ^^ It's good to come across a fellow newb, if you don't mind me calling you a newb.)
  3. The first and third ones are pretty straightforward 😝 altered the second cuz otherwise it would've been too obvious.
  4. Relates to above u.u Edit: New page... no above O.O
  5. G1v3M e40WP L3a5e AddMeAddMeAddMe 😆😆😆 Also, can you figure out my faulty secret message?
  6. Haha what I had in mind was their defining matriarchy where all females go above all males, in which case the possibilities would have been Hellfires or Hooktalons, but yes, I can see that as well xD https://dragcave.net/view/vMQRp Cuz I desperately need the dragon's namesake. They are supposed to be capable of that, right?
  7. https://dragcave.net/view/IRINZ Hyenas with wings?