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  1. Everyone's complaining of getting attacked and spending too much in repairs, and then there's me with a tent and some dozen cannons. Is it wrong to stave off the building till after the snowball fight rush is done with?

  2. I am an idiot. I breed a Yulebuck with a Garland, having decided for over an hour before that I'd keep the Yulebuck. Y'all can guess what I did next 😐


    22 minutes ago, Stormfriend said:

    I just caught a CB Holly and tried to Influence it female. The dialog said it was unavailable. Not “Unavailable for Breed,” like the others, just unavailable. 

    I tried Precognition on it and it said it would be male, but could be Influenced.

    Perhaps there’s a glitch?

    Guess the precog message is wrong? CB Hollies are supposed to be all male if I remember right...