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  1. Just got out of egglock but it looks like the big ones have stopped spawning already??? Noooooooo ;;;-;;;
  3. Aw, looks like the soulstones are still rare. Why are they rare anyway? Aren't they one of the later releases? This breeder is sad ;-;
  4. Oof. Forgot bout this and egglocked myself just yesterday. Smh.
  5. WAIT WAT. The success rate is higher on other 31sts as well?? IS THIS TRUE?!
  6. Holy moly it's almost Valentine's day! What better time to celebrate my singlehood as well as one of these codes finally doing their job? G1v3M e40WP8 L3a5e
  7. lmao. now I kinda want to see your forts xD too bad I'm too lazy to destroy something to build a weapon smh
  8. Ooh so those things stay after the event ends, is it?
  9. I am confusion. Specific resources spawn in specific places?
  10. Oh well. Least I didn't finish second this time 😐 Congrats Beli!~
  11. G1v3M e40WP L3a5e I'm gonna win with these one of these days, just you wait...
  12. I hate this >,< I'm crying T^T I begrudgingly stayed up half the night with items I didn't like too much, and now... this... Welp, good for y'all that're glad by this turn of events...
  13. Wew 😣 for a while I'd thought I wouldn't make it ><
  14. dumb question incoming, but, uh... how do you rotate your items? Yes, I'm only starting now u.u
  15. Aw, they increased the lvl cap. Now I have to repair and battle again ><
  16. I don't know, wouldn't the snowballing stop once everyone reaches lvl 50?
  17. Everyone's complaining of getting attacked and spending too much in repairs, and then there's me with a tent and some dozen cannons. Is it wrong to stave off the building till after the snowball fight rush is done with?
  18. Does anyone know what the maximum level is?
  19. Aw, snow wars is back just when I'm the busiest... At least the silver lining's that it's separate from the previous one; I'd hate to see my fort ruined ><
  20. Pokes a look at all the hatching eggs and crossed fingers. . . . Goes to dump my eggs in a hatchery.
  21. Wow, I must be one of the lucky ones to choose the eggs I like immediately, huh?
  22. I am an idiot. I breed a Yulebuck with a Garland, having decided for over an hour before that I'd keep the Yulebuck. Y'all can guess what I did next 😐 Guess the precog message is wrong? CB Hollies are supposed to be all male if I remember right...