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  1. INFP, Introverted Intuitive, feeling, prospecting
  2. THIS THIS I remember having my grandma go outside to buy me fresh batteries for my game boy color because I was sun burned from my shoulders down to my waist when I was seven and was hanging out in the ice caves to stay cool (and obviously couldn't go outside in my current state) but was worried about my game's battery life. I'm having flash backs...those delibirds never stayed in the pokeball.
  3. No. If I wanted to relieve that damn ice puzzle in pokemon crystal/silver/gold I'd replay them. I am not doing that again
  4. Yea it's not fun, why can't i dream about a winning lottery ticket or something. now THAT would be great. Why does my esp have to be about getting hit by cars or what book I'm going to read. in other news: my spoonie super power: being flexible enough to put icy hot power gel along my spine by myself without any assistance. Though if my joints and connective tissue worked how they were supposed to I wouldn't need to be able to do that >__>
  5. I legit had a nightmare so bad it woke me up, it started off simple, my dad and I went to the store. But then things got bad fast. It was the day of the dead, which is also what I think today is. and all the other people in the store vanished, it changed from well-let to barely lit and looked all decriped and bad. My dad decided since it was halloween/day of the dead that we should try to talk to some of our ancestors, so I closed my eyes and was holding a pendulum out- one of the three that I own. Among the names that I said was Betty Long, my maturnal great grandma. I would say a name
  6. here's something spooky for the season another another reason to love Oblivion.
  7. (just glad one got in personally. Don't want this to die it's too much fun) Derrick did wink, and then he vanished. Or better yet became so small when he shifted into a small mouse that his clothes no longer fit him right and he walked out of a sleeve like it was a cave tunnel. "Be good!" his voice was so soft now as a result of the shape changing...it was cute. With that he scampered off into the cave past one of the guards who probably wouldn't even notice a mouse.
  8. I'm not wearing my ankle braces right now so I literally just did what you did and stared at my foot for a few seconds . Nothing, no pain not even a crack or snap. I swear this is why I need the braces to hold my joints in place. Doing that and then bending my thumbs back flat against my wrists aren't natural
  9. So...anyone here like warriors? I'm modding a rp site for them but I don't have enough peeps so w can't start. Deputy posistions and medicine cats are all open still.
  10. I've spent all day working on a recolor for the dragon that came with Dragon Valley in sims 3. Crisps helped me get it working and now I need to clone the dragon egg and set it to just spawn whites.
  11. I like the idea, seperate little texts for each kill, for manuel, softshell,bite, and ran out of time.
  12. I need 2 people who're interested in a rp. (odd numbers bother me) It's dragony with a helping of Dungoens and dragons influence and ancient elven civilizations including one dragon who was cursed and is currently a squirrel and another one who's a coward hiding behind his fiancee. As well as a elf who refused to kill a minotaur calf and got shape shifted into one as punishment and now hates his old home and only speaks minotaur now.
  13. Derrick- "Good I won't have to loan you my cloak!"Derrick seemed in a good mood , he folded her clothes quickly brushing some leaves off of them. "I still think it's a little odd to see minotaurs organized like they are here. I know this group Rysertrax has doesn't have a Khan. It makes me wonder if her group were the desendants of exiled minotaurs or escaped elven slaves. I suppose we'll find out." He looked in the direction of Ryseratrax's cave. " I can see some minotaurs out. Flying in closer is a bad idea. You want to wait here? Don't worry if things go wrong I'll shift back into
  14. (It's fine it's totally fine! I put some infromation up on the first page, it's still a wip but I think you might like it. Ryseratrax is probably asleep if it's this late But I can throw something together with her if you want me to )
  15. (I think something's wrong with my laptop I can't reply to forums or make new posts there. sent a ask to a mod to see if they could figure out the problem. But my desktop works fine. I don't think I'll be inviting anyone else in. But I am changing that thing above us to invitation only)
  16. We have coons and hawks out here. My neighbors own chickens,including a few roosters who wander around like cats and can hold their own against the predators, pitbulls, and other cats. I want chickens though.
  17. (waiting on Ryseratrax again) Derrick looked over at the silver dragoness. He thought for a moment before pulling a chain out of his pocket. "loop the ring through here then. I'll stick it in my pocket . Just be sure to get out of those clothes before you change or you'll be walking back to the castle bare as a newborn . Or with my cloak drawn around you. Then once we're there I'll shift into a small mouse and scurry along inside since the ring's on a chain you could hook a claw through it to keep track of the little thing." He leaned against a tree, enjoying the shade. As far north as t
  18. Well you have until January to decide. You gotta figure out what's best for you too. Does your grandmother live alone other wise? how old is she? Are any other relatives close/ check on her ? there's several reasons why staying with her would be better for both your healths. But several reasons why going would be good too. But I don't know. My grandma's 83 and until my uncle shot himself (married my dad's sister-she's schizophrenic and doesn't currently have custody of her kids) she lived alone. After my uncle killed himself last month she got custody. So old ladies are fairly resi
  19. just four more hours then I can go home. I NEED to get those paystubs from work so I can apply for disability. I figured out that all my health problems can be traced back to a defective chromosone six (HLA-B27,Hoshimotos Thyrioditis. EDS type 3) it's all on that one. (okay the diginosis is Joint Hpyermobility syndrome, but I'm getting WORSE and have chest pains, the treatment for the two disorders is the same but considering that I'm getting worse and some other symptoms I'm fairly sure it's EDS III instead)
  20. Why don't you ask your grandmother about how she feels? You could use her to stay put if she wants her grandkids (ie you) to stay with her since you said your sister was getting married and usually people move out after that.
  21. Ents and the Ñoldor (Gladadriel) Also fond of the Dragons and Carcharoth/Anfauglir "The red maw" which I suppose would be considered either a Dire Wolf or a werewolf depending on who you ask.
  22. (hey guys I'm inviting 2 more people in. One is already a friend o fmine, for...a year come next month. And the other is shadow_claw. My friend's name is Luccamajere, but I don't think they're going to sign up for a dc account yet. shadow_Claw is getting invited in since she asked before I'd changed the title to closed and to be fair . Luccamajere is getting in cause our rp died when the third person left because she was the one who started it and due to RL stuff no longer has a virtual life and we closed it out of respect rather than move on and godmod her characters and plots. I'm gonna tal