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  1. So THAT was what was up with the eggs! I was wondering why it was taking so long to find any!! Yeah, they really need to fix the timer to around 5 min. I mean a new round of eggs drops in the biomes every 5 minutes, why wouldn't it be the same for the event eggs?? It definitely would help those who aren't constantly on the website.
  2. I hope next year is a S-A-D day style dragon or a Choco dragon
  3. Wait, Tsoko didn't ask me to the dance ;_; did I do it wrong?!
  4. I AM SO GLAD I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO NOTICED! And her being the cooking teacher? Yeah, Pinkie, so much.
  5. ARGGG I WANT MY DAY 7!!! Has anyone figured out a work around? I've pressed spacebar, enter, refreshed the page, backspaced. I'm just short of reseting progress which I don't wanna do. ;_;
  6. I think we're humans. But yeah I'm stuck on day 6 and it blacked. EXCUSE ME I WANNA DATE MY TSOKO THANK YOU
  7. Crap I can't decide between Tsoyo or Ion. GAAAAAH! Also, I kinda hope it's a sea dragon, cause we need a pretty love dragon in the oceans. APHRODITE DRAGON!!!
  8. Wait....am I gonna get to date a dragon? …...I have no problem with this actually.
  9. Omg I found a potato dragon on Google!!!
  10. So potato dragons? They have eyes.
  11. 2/5 zombies. My heaaaaaaart, I feel so bad having to kill them 😭
  12. It's my secret weapon, cause I just got 2! 😈
  13. Uggggh I'm still not able to get one yet 😫 C'moooon little egg lemme catch you!
  14. I will admit, the kill action line kills my heart I feel so bad betraying my dragons ;_;
  15. Hmmm, I have a few I guess I could try.
  16. Ahhh, okay, hm, I should have done that too Oh well.
  17. Question, what's all this zombie stuff people are talking about?
  19. That was fun! Though a bit anticlimactic....maybe that witch isn't gone for good? We have a few more days after all! There were 16 items?! I only got 12! Well poop. Guess I'll just go collect more treats then.
  20. Is anyone else having problems with certain images not loading on the Flower gathering event? I can't get any of the dragons profiles to load and a few of the flowers are also not loading....
  21. Well, that could explain a lot! -goes to check other biomes- Edit: HAH well that fixed the problem -derpderp- Sorry, nevermind everyone!
  22. Are any of you guys having issues getting one of the new eggs? I've been sitting the past hour and a half and not seen one drop on the Val cave biome....
  23. Oh that sounds nice, and considering Cherry Blossoms are considered flowers of love and feminine sexuality in China, as well as life and tragic fragility of it in Japan, that's not a bad idea. Maybe next year unless you're like some kind of fortune teller.