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  1. I'd like to Report a Gift! Ayumi_Seto>dinogummi>Blue Gemshard accepted I'd like to apologize; I'm afraid I never got the notification for a new message, so I ended up replying late. I'd like to be removed from a List! Forum ID: dinogummi List to be removed from: Copper-Verdigris/Blue/Green, Gemshard, Nebula, Purple, Red-finned Tidal, Seawyrm Pygmy, Waterhorse (All lists)
  2. Kinda want to help out as a mod but I don't think I qualify for anything nor get picked. (Best wishes to the members who do apply)
  3. Almost finish collecting the eggs! About 5 more left. This'll be my first complete set. I'm really liking these eggs so far, especially the cats.
  4. How long will the cave be full of them?
  5. The thing I hate the most about Harvest Moon is when I play another HM game for a few weeks and come back to the other one only to forget which crop I was fertilizing. Or when I water a crop every other day, for more growing time, only to forget which plant/day it was.
  6. Sorry I meant the 4G would be the offspring. But thanks for that bit of info.
  7. Since we're on the topic, how many uncommons/rares would you say a 4G Tinsel Offspring would go for? And how many 4Gs would be good in return for a CB Silver/Gold? Specifically Cb Nebulas, Gems, Xenos, and/or Lunars.
  8. Ah, thank you. I know certain breeds copy the color of one parent so I wasn't sure after getting only purples over the course of the month. Sure, I'd be happy to home them. I'll PM you.
  9. Is it normal for Two-Headed Lindwurms to only breed one color? (Like so) I've bred all my Lindwurms like this and have only gotten purples.
  10. I get this all the time. Chrome lets me autosave the password so I don't have to put it in but I still have to click on the box otherwise it disappears and I have to go back and enter it by hand.
  11. Does anyone have any Harvest Moon games? I'd love to be able to trade with people, especially with Story of Seasons' hidden clothing outfits. I'm also always looking to give/receive tips for the games. Games I have: -Island of Happiness -Tale of Two Towns -A New Beginning -Story of Seasons (Also have the Rune Factory (2-4) spin offs)
  12. Oh, I've gotten that glitch before. There really isn't a egg/dragon on your teleport. Just click cancel and your Magi will be ready again. Edit: The blank teleport, not the tombstone (I think?)
  13. Does anyone know if a trade will cancel and put your Magi on cooldown if a egg hatches?
  14. That's weird? Was this a few hours ago? The egg is at 6 days. Are you sure it was the unsuccessful message or maybe it was successful and the image just didn't appear? I'm not sure if the image glitch affects summons. Sorry not helpful.
  15. Wait the codes are on cards? Oh man, I'm still on the issue of convincing my grandmother to take me to gamestop, now I have to hope to even get a card
  16. Same with me, been happening all day. Just double check your scroll once you get the message. I'm sure TJ is working on the failed image loading but as long as you do in fact get the egg there shouldn't be any other problems.
  17. dinogummi

    Z Project

    Well that's disappointing :\
  18. dinogummi

    Z Project

    That's weird, it said I got it but it's not showing?
  19. dinogummi

    Z Project

    I took this one <3 Thank you He'll be loved and named. Nevermind then, ended up not getting him after all.
  20. Hmm, I'll keep that in mind. Thank you I'm guessing people want CBs because it's neater?
  21. Recently I've been trying to make Neglecteds, its going okay (first two died because I fell asleep, 3rd was too early to add to fansites so it hatched into a normal dragon) I'm getting close. I'm wondering how much a Neglected would be worth? And whether a Ungendered Adult would be worth more. I'm guessing I could ask for a few CB Silvers/Golds, maybe a 2G Prize, thoughts? Other thoughts, How many/which ones: Xenowyrms Nebulas Unbreedables (3G?) Prizes Alts
  22. Dino (Male suffix) - Dinogummi Gummi (Female suffix) - Dinogummi
  23. Yes, this one. Thank you very much I searched prefix suffix before posting but didn't find anything. I don't think I ever find anything when I search it, probably searching things wrong.
  24. Does anyone know where I could find that thread about dragon's prefixes and suffixes? It was something about what you used as a last name for your dragons, it had a spreadsheet logging everyone's names so other members knew it was taken or something. I can't find it and I don't remember what it was filed under :\