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  1. Is there anything else we can make with the basic ingredients so far? I made plain dough, cheese, boiling water
  2. You have to wait a few more days for the different colors, the descriptions in the adults mention that.
  3. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! First person to put something in there will get it, inbox is full so if you want your thing back please come back here and say so
  4. Salty about being eaten and not getting a second chance. CURSE YOU LUCK! *shakes fist at air* Wah.
  5. Been flipping through the biomes for half an hour, still nothing
  6. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Cb thalassa xenowyrm, send up a dummy egg, itd be cool if you tossed in a cb green fire gem but its be fine if not. I'll check back in ten minutes and the first offer gets it As promised, first person when I checked back was jetaime, thank you all for offering c:
  7. When I get to the last part on today's new story, when I talk to the left thing, my game freezes. I tried refreshing, hard refreshing, nothing is working...
  8. like, the area directly to the left of the maze, the place where there's a bunch of trees, I get blocked by trees and there is no one waiting for me
  9. can't seem to get into the jungle, please help, refreshed page, exited game and came back, nothing
  10. Reload the page when you're in her house.
  11. Starting to get super salty because I do some quests, try to save by moving furniture at my place, go through the tp, get lagged out trying to get to the maze, my phone reloads the page and my progress is gone. Could there be a save button so I don't have to suffer? Itd be super nice
  12. and shane is waiting on shadow master to do something.
  13. Shane listened as the Shadow Master briefed them on what the mission was, inwardly scoffing at him describing how hard it would be to take down the legendaries. It shouldn't be that hard, they may be gods but they can still bleed. He resisted complaining, and instead let out a long sigh and stood as the Shadow Master dismissed everyone else. There was little room for argument, especially considering the circumstances at the moment, and so, resigned to his fate, he faced the man and waited for the orders.
  14. "Yes sir." Shane said steadily. As he followed the leader with shuffling footsteps, jaw clenched and tapping his fingers, he silently thanked whatever watching him for having the Shadow Master in not enough of a foul mood to berate and threaten him. It was always hard to tell what the Shadow Master was thinking, considering that he was wearing a mask pretty much all the time. Shane shook his head, now was not the time to muse about the mysterious man. He entered the lounge behind the man, and took his seat a few feet away at his usual spot. He listened to the scientist ramble and complai
  15. yeah, big sorry I didn't have much to go on....
  16. Injured people were lying on the floors, alarms blaring and people barking orders left and right. The chaos of the legendaries breaking free from their cages were throwing peons off. "Fifth time this week, that's a record." Shane mused as he dashed between people towards the Shadow Master as fast as he could. "Sir, you called for me?" Shane asked, dreading a negative response from the cold man, pleading silently to not have him in a bad mood.
  17. I'm just slightly wondering where I should hop in, in the rp.
  18. lineage This is a really good born on my birthday egg I could ever ask for! Thank you so much mystery breeder!
  19. So I can catch a green copper and spess easily, but apparently can't catch blusangs
  20. No luck catching blusangs today. : (
  21. Is a chicken egg worth a blusang.
  22. What are cb chrono xenowyrms worth?