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  1. I agree, but I'm defiantly going to get it when I can as I'm sure they'll release more. I'm kind of annoyed with the 'Get Together' new pack, there's not anything more to do in it except go to a parallel dimension.... :|
  2. I play Howrse, and having a few problems. I am now Blossom ~ Swirl if you want to add me as a friend. I bought a pass on my old account, and got a Greyfell, I was extremely proud and I wrote on my page, please don't delete, yet it got deleted. I now have to start all over again, and get my high ranking up again.....
  3. I got DanielH and PhilipL (as in Dan and Phil)
  4. I totally agree! I know I'm not American, but I still can't believe that people would actually think to vote for him. This american election is a bit of a joke, personally, I think there'd no-one like Obama in years to come.
  5. Warriors is definitely the best series I have read in ages! Con't wait for more books to come out
  6. That sounds like a pretty crazy magic mod pack!
  7. No! I really wanted to know more background story by the actual creator! I know, too many teeth on the nightmare animatronics!
  8. I, BlossomSwirl, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  9. I play the piano, not the best, got a B- on my exam this year, but at least I passed . I play flute, but my flute teacher has gone somewhere without telling me, so I stopped practising, I hated it anyways, but I'm still kinda sad
  10. I've got them all now except silver, just crossing my fingers for the 21st
  11. I love One and Four, two is okay, but three is really bad. In my opinion 4 is the best, it's just the most realistic, sorry to bring this up but ***Spoiler Alert**** is the bite at the end of 4 actually '87 or not?
  12. Uuuhhh, I really want the sims 4, it costs so much though, and my computer operating system doesn't deal with it correctly. I do go to my friends and play it sometimes though, it's awesome for customization!