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  1. I'm back and I got a new lunar dragon blue.
  2. Blue is my fave color out of all of them.
  3. After a few hours i got a bronze lunar heralds.
  4. Nobody said that lunar herald has fairy wings does that mean its a fairy dragon?
  5. I'm trying to hatch the dragon egg so I can get a new lunar heralds. edited to add: If there is a new color which place is it going to be in. I think blue is coast and silver is alpine
  6. Lunar heralds hatchlings are playful i guess. it kinda cute.
  7. I'm starting to think blue is last because silver is after golden it goes gold,silver,bronze,blue.
  8. Did you know lunar heralds eggs can be bitten by vampire dragons?
  9. If someone has bronze or golden lunar heralds then they could breed them and abandon them and we could have them if others keep taking them in the other page.
  10. They are going to stop dropping!i need to find one.
  11. Thanks it did not say anything about them being sick. Avatars of change gets sick a lot right because they are uncommon.
  12. One is on my scroll. now everyone is taking them I found one when i was in the abandoned page.now his name is goldenfairy
  13. Can you breed the lunar heralds to get the bronze or the blue ones?
  14. I'm still trying to find a bronze lunar heralds.
  15. I have 1 golden lunar herald hatchling I can't find any more.
  16. someone said that the blue lunar heralds is coming next.
  17. How many clicks do you need to grow a full grown Lunar Herald. Or any dragon.
  18. Which is more rare bronze,silver,or gold
  19. My grandpa was at the water park someone stole his underpants!