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  1. Yeah and as they are on the edges, on webpage they are very dominant. ...on second thought, alien biome would be interesting
  2. Looks like a lot of crystals appeared across the biomes, almost feels like main toppic of all of them. Love the volcano. But at alpine it seems to be too much crytals, the old one was much more airy and natural. This looks more like alien biome. (also reminds me a lot of blood elves and their fell energy crystals)
  3. Oh, lovely event, I especialy appreciate that I can send card to specific person, not just random, very good improvement! Wow, got Firebloom as the first flower, my favourite fantasy flower... inspired me for my own valentine card...
  4. Did I did something wrong when entering? Didn't find my name among participants. Too late to find now I guess. :-( I'll enter again next time. Doesn't have the badge this time.
  5. BUG REPORT: I decided that hatchie is the most beautifull without any costume on, but cannot save without any costume part. Sad, because it really is the most beautifull.
  6. Egglocked with 4 pairs of CB halloween dragons. Dream made reality.
  7. Me neither, the biome runs dry in less than 10 seconds, which is insane. It gets almost impossible to get catch with more than 50 peoploe in biome, but 150?
  8. Anything for non bitten vamp! Hope to find one, but would trade too.
  9. Over 30 entries on 34 breeds? Good one.
  10. Page just jumped on again, working for you too?
  11. Isn't that screen from mobile version? Is there any way to connect to mobile version with PC? If mobile version at least works, it would help to get into it.
  12. You must be lucky. Halloweens will get released on Halloween. ;-)
  13. Not usual maintenance, the dragcave is down for hours already.
  14. I'm out this month, don't have badge... but congrats, Jocosa!
  15. Huh, I had to abandon three greens to get blue ones (glad that I wake up early), but finaly... now I can't wait what will grow up.
  16. I have empty-cave depression.
  17. There must had happened some changes somewhere, never before I had sick eggs after putting them into AoND with 6 days of time. (or less)
  18. I use mainly Photoshop, but also Sai. Both work with graphic tablet well, but main part of all drawing is in your hand and head. You can ask, how to shade with pencil too, but you really learn it by trying it. And this is the same with digital art. You have to try, improvise, and do a lot of try and error, experiment. Don't fear that you'll screw the pictures at first, because you will. Don't be bothered by it, each picture will teach you something and move you forward better artistic style, that will be your own. Try to find your own way to do things with graphic programs, you'll find that many tools have much more uses than just those you are being given.
  19. Removed addional collum version. Add it into type is more practical for page size.
  20. This is actualy grat Idea, I copied it to the original post.
  21. exactly what I was thinking about. I thought of this when I realised that I'm wieving these times in transport action menu
  22. I would really appreciate, if I clicked on eggs/unfrozen hatchies filter, it would be lovely to see how much time they have left. Should look something like this: (removed picture) Improoved version by Confused Cat : I think that this is even better and I support it rather than my Idea.
  23. Zombie bite would be cool, even if it has damn loooong cooldown. I agree that there should be some easing for Zombies, I'm for that BSA, but anything would be fine.