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  1. Oh definitely. I don't think frozen eggs should be allowed to release into the wild at all. *Soooo wants to make a hugemongous unwanted egg army* XDDD
  2. I think eggs should stay on a scroll, but I don't think that there should be a time repercussion of that length added to it. Hatchies don't have a time limit, so why should eggs? I'm sorry but I really don't like that idea. I'm completely fine with making an egg army. I'd be happy to have a stack of them on my scroll forever.
  3. The reason why I suggested the CB eggs only idea is, while I DO totally understand that once an egg leaves its breeder, some breeders get really sh*tty about their hatchies being frozen. I left it as an option since I think that some people might prefer it over freezing of all eggs. I'm not really sure about a hit and miss for freezing of eggs, somehow. Maybe they still take up eggroom for a certain amount of time like a CB egg? I dunno...
  4. Oh right. Maybe make it so the eggs can only be frozen if they have no cracks/holes? That would solve that problem for the most part. @Neurotoxinx - I'm against limiting how many eggs can be frozen per breed. We can freeze as many hatchlings as we want, so why not eggs? And me personally, I'd make an autumn egg army because I freaking LOVE that egg. <3
  5. ...How is it a get out of jail free card for dead eggs? I doubt you could freeze a dead egg. ;
  6. Hmm, true... I'm mostly going by what I've seen on other sites and the Leetle Tree. ^^;
  7. I'd like it if that was the case
  8. While that is true, it has been discussed in the past about wanting to unfreeze hatchies and it was shot down, so I believe the same would be true for this as well. ' All I can say is to be a bit more careful about freezing next time. ^^;
  9. I'll do my best to answer these in my opinion... forgive me if I'm wrong on something. ^^; I highly doubt it. On other sites that allow frozen eggs they are very much alive. Think of it as crystallization. My Leetle tree, for instance, just has 'you cannot abandon this egg because it is frozen', which leads me to believe the eggs aren't 'dead', as such. This was something that was brought up in the chatroom, if I recall. While I highly doubt many people are going to freeze a CB gold or silver, I see your point. The counter arguement I can think of to that is that 'hoarding' doesn't actually exist, despite what people might say. Considering the state of the cave? I think it'd be a good thing to freeze a heap of unwanted breeds. As for unlocking a scroll, people do that with freezing hatchlings already. Bad idea, then it WOULD be cheating. Think about it. People freeze a heap of eggs to unlock themselves, and then when the time is right, unfreeze an egg when they shouldn't (such as having 5 hatchlings, 3 eggs, and wanting a 4th) THAT is a surefire way of abusing the feature. I love that idea!
  10. It's been mentioned every so often in the chat room and also by TJ a few times here and there, so I figured I'd open a poll on it and get everyone's opinions. Should we be allowed to freeze eggs? I personally think it would be a good idea to freeze only Caveborn eggs. Why? Because people who freeze bred eggs might get the breeder up in arms about it. I am aware that the counter argument for this is that once an egg leaves the breeders hands that it's up to the new owner to what they do with it, buuuuut we get enough complains about frozen hatchies as it is without adding to the issue. Anyway, vote away, and please let me know in this thread if I should add more voting options to it. Note: I'd like to add that the coding for frozen eggs already exists in the form of Leetle Trees.
  11. I like it. I certainly know of a friend of mine who would benefit from this greatly. But as others say, I think it needs an off feature too.
  12. Tried this, didn't work. -__-; (Yes I used the codes)
  13. Red, Purple, Bright pink and a white.
  14. Since I'm running the Rare mass breed (Which to me is a responsible one since its the breeding of highly sought after metallic eggs, so yeah :S ) I'll just say I'm a supporter of this.
  15. Agreed. I would take the oath but I'm kinda the organiser for that. XDDD