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  1. There's so much talk about cave-blocking because that is what makes this suggestion even viable. If artists wanted alternative sprites for their dragons ("albinos") then they likely would have included them when the dragons had been made. The spriters aren't going to go out of their way and spit out a bunch of alternative sprites without a purpose. It's too much work to be done "just because."

    You are partly right, but there are also other reasons why the artists don't add alts into the design upon innitial release. :3


    It comes back to TJ expressing dislike for having too many dragons in a 'set'. From memory, it's normally been more than four or six, can't remember which.


    So as a general rule, most artists who've been around for a while tend to keep their dragon sets between that number.


    As you can imagine, in the case of, say, my own dragon? I already had plans for alts but was unable to get them done for reasons on their release date. But that was fine because eventually that was rectified. :3


    Needless to say, ideas like this are good because it CAN give the in cave artists ideas. Read though - CAN, not ALWAYS.


    Either way, with this idea, if it did go ahead I think it'd only be appropiate on some breeds, and not all of them, anyway, because not all animals have forms of albinoism, and neither would dragons. :3

  2. To anyone who cared, sorry for my unannounced absence. I've been taking a break from this forum and for the forseeable future I probably won't be posting much anymore. However, I'll still be clickin' you all smile.gif


    So, lemme see now... meet some surprise Shinies I got while hibernating:


    user posted image user posted image


    And I got him last night: user posted image Was worried I wouldn't get him in time! biggrin.gif


    user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image


    So yeah, hi. :3

  3. user posted imageuser posted image


    Finally got a stupid egg for the scavenger hunt. ~_~ I'll either use Shaymin or Yanma, whichever hatches first or if I can evolve Shaymin, lol.


    Also, Mobile Walker has been reverted back to its former crappiness. *flips table*

  4. You are trying to justify killing a baby.


    Killing a baby.


    Debate all you like, but that will never, ever, EVER be justifiable to me. If we as a human society have come to believe that killing an infant is the best possible option we can present in millions of cases, then something is incredibly wrong.


    It might be understandable if you considered it an option in a few rare cases. But as justification for the millions of abortions that occur yearly? No, goodness no.

    Humans justify death of life all day every day. How's a fetus any different from killing a full grown animal, a full grown human, plant life, bugs, so on and so forth? Because it's human?


    Life is life. Death is death.

  5. Ah, where's that link for the site talking about protesters who got abortions, something like "the only moral abortion is mine" or something.



    Ask and ye shall recieve. <3