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  1. I Have: 3G Bronze Shimmerscale from male Magma checker | Teleport 3G Silver Shimmerscale from female Caligenes stairstep | Teleport I Want: ¬ 2G Tercorns, one from Snow and one from Floral-Crowned ¬ Other 2Gs from Snow/Floral-Crowned, there's a link in my signature - please pm me for clarification if needed ^¬^ ¬ Other offers welcome! I use decline, so if it's still there I haven't seen it or I'm considering taking it Chirp!
  2. I adore the rainbow pygmies
  3. YES. Thank you TJ! Prize distribution has always been wonky af but this is a great change for the better! (now here's praying I can finally get in on the shiny market XD)
  4. I've got this Risensong that I'd adore a bloodswap for. Otherwise I own almost all the dragons in her lineage and am happy breed any of those pairs for people! Also have a bunch of CB Blusangs I'm happy to breed with mate of choice. (gonna breed me a quick yellow zyu now)
  5. Two of my favourite breeds in the entire game are Holidays - the Snows, and the Floral-Crowneds. (not sure if you could tell by my sig XD) That said, I am in full support of this suggestion. Unlimiting the Holiday breeds makes perfect sense to me; arbitrarily limited certain breeds is counterproductive to the general direction of DragonCave in the first place. It's meant to be about collecting and breeding whatever you want however you please, and lineage-building is a HUGE part of that, especially as a massive chunk of the playerbase, if not the majority, focuses on building their own special lineages that they love. In the current climate, building the lineages I want - Snows and Floral-Crowneds - is incredibly stressful and difficult. It's fairly easy for me to get hold of Holiday kin for those breeds, because for most of the year their only purpose in breeding is for kin - but getting the actual dragons I need is a nightmare. I only have two CB of each myself, and even with a friend who is willing to breed for me, that's only four at best. And I don't expect my friend to give me ALL of their exclusive breeding for these dragons. That's made harder because one of my Floral-Crowneds is very special to me and I am unwilling to breed him during the actual Valentines event because I don't want anyone else to have his offspring. That sounds selfish, but I want to have control of how his children are named, and that's nigh on impossible if other people have them. So every 2G Snow and Floral-Crowned I have (and particularly the Florals as they're newer) is from either stressful trading that I honestly rarely participate in, because trading during the Holiday events takes up valuable eggslots, or exhaustive AP hunting. Even as an experienced player, the Holidays would be remarkably less stressful for me if I could focus on breeding the pairs I want, and request breeding from my friend without severely imposing on their ability to breed for the self, rather than the huge mental effort of constantly hunting in every spare moment. As it stands, I simply stand no chance of obtaining all the 2G Snows/Florals I need for my lineage projects in any reasonable timeframe and low-stress manner. The clue is in the name, after all. The limits are limiting.
  6. I Have: 2G Arsani from Sapphire Herald ¦¦ Teleport 2G Mutamore from Sunsong ¦¦ Teleport 2G Sweetling from Silver ¦¦ Teleport All have been stunned I Want: ¬ 2G Floral-Crowned dragons! I will only decline pairs that I already have (I will also decline Floral from Flamingo) ¬ Will trade multiple for a 2G Floral-Crowned from Mageia Xenowyrm! ¬ Other offers are welcome but Florals will get priority
  7. I Have: 2G Floral-Crowned from Black Tea ¦¦ Teleport 2G Floral-Crowned from Purple Floret ¦¦ Teleport I Want: ¬2G Floral-Crowned from Mageia Xenowyrm (will combine for this!) ¬2G Floral-Crowned from a pairing I don't have (this will be the only reason I decline a 2G Floral) not from Flamingo Wyvern ¬Any gen Sweetling from Hellfire Wyvern (MUST be even gen checker and not inbred) as long as it's not related to anyone in This Group
  8. I Have: 5G Val'09 from Gold checker, not inbred, w/ the code (XBeaD) ¦¦ Teleport 3G Radiant Angel checker w/ Kingcrowne from SA S e p h i r o t h ¦¦ Teleport I Want: ¬ 2G Floral-Crowned/s, eggs or hatchies. If I haven't accepted or declined, I haven't seen your offer yet! I keep strange hours so if I haven't responded, I'm likely asleep. Thanks!
  9. I'm Seeking: -- 2G Floral-Crowneds! There are links in my sig for pairings I need, or feel free to PM me and I'll offer a list I'm Offering: The following dragons to breed with your choice of mate: CB Val'09 x 2 CB Sweetling x 2 CB Heartseeker x 2 CB Arsani x 2 CB Radiant Angel x 1 Heartstealing x 2 CB Mutamore x 2 CB Soulstone x 2 I have all rares available, including Holidays and excluding Prizes, and most common mates. PM me!
  10. I Have: 2G Arsani from Arcana w/ the code (zelma) Teleport I Want: -- 2G Rosebud from Snow -- 2G Floral-Crowned hatchling/s -- Or make an offer!
  11. I Have: CB x2 of every Valentines (except Floral-Crowned) to breed with your mate of choice -I own at least one of every rare except Prizes I Want: -- 2G Floral-Crowned eggs/hatchlings. Please PM me! ^^ -- 2G Valentines from Snow father
  12. I Have: CB x2 of every Valentines (except Floral-Crowned) to breed with your mate of choice -I own at least one of every rare except Prizes I Want: -- 2G Floral-Crowned eggs/hatchlings. Please PM me! ^^ -- 2G Valentines from Snow father
  13. I Have: 3G Snow checker from Gold And other assorted goodies Teleport I Want: ¬ Desperately seeking a 2G Snow from Mistletoe mother, preferably unrelated to This. Please PM me! I'll negotiate for this. ¬ 3G Snow from Gold Shimmer or Gold Tinsel checker (unerelated to her or her). Will negotiate for these too! ¬ Other 2G/3G checker Snow offers welcome
  14. I Have: 2G Holly by Heartstealing || Teleport I Want: ¬ 2G Snow x Mistletoe, either breed ¬ 2G Mistletoe by Floral-Crowned ¬ I will consider offers of other 2G/3G checker Snow pairings
  15. I Have: CBs of every Christmas dragon to breed except Snow. 1 x male Holly 1 x Garland 2 x everything else I Want: ¬ 2G/3G checker Snows! PM me to discuss pairings but I'm after most of them.
  16. Caveborn 1 x female Anagallis 2 x male Ash 1 x male Azure Glacewing 1 x male Balloon 1 x male Black Truffle 1 x male Blue Banded - 1 x female Blue Banded 1 x male Bright-Breasted Wyvern 1 x female Brimstone 2 x male Brute 1 x male Candelabra 1 x male Canopy 1 x male Cassare - 2 x female Cassare 1 x Cheese (frozen in stage one) 1 x male Coastal Waverunner - 1 x female Coastal Waverunner 2 x male Crimson Flare pygmy - 1 x female Crimson Flare pygmy 1 x female Dark Green (Vine) 1 x female Dark Myst Pygmy 3 x male Daydream 2 x male Deep Sea 1 x male purple Dorsal - 1 x female purple Dorsal 2 x male Duotone - 2 x female Duotone 1 x male Electric 1 x male Ember - 1 x female Ember 2 x male Falconiform wyvern 1 x male Fever wyvern - 2 x female Fever wyvern 2 x male Flamingo wyvern - 2 x female Flamingo wyvern 4 x female Frostbite 2 x female Gilded Bloodscale 3 x male Glaucus drake 2 x male Day Glory drake 2 x male Night Glory drake - 1 x female Night Glory drake 4 x male Gold - 3 x female Gold 2 x male Gold-horned Tangar - 2 x female Gold-horned Tangar 1 x female Greater Spotted drake 4 x male Green (Pebble) - 5 x female Green (Pebble) 2 x male Guardian - 1 x female Guardian 1 x male Harvest 2 x male Hellfire wyvern - 1 x female Hellfire wyvern 2 x male Hooktalon 2 x male Horse - 1 x female Horse 2 x male Howler drake - 1 x female Howler drake 1 x female Khusa 1 x male Lumina (Light) 4 x male Lumina (Dark) 1 x male Lunar Herald (Silver) 1 x male Mint 2 x male Monarch 1 x male Moonstone - 1 x female Moonstone 1 x female Morphodrake 2 x female Neotropical 2 x male Nhiostrife wyvern - 1 x female Nhiostrife wyvern 2 x male Nilia pygmy 1 x male Nocturne 1 x male Ochredrake - 1 x female Ochredrake 1 x male Olive 4 x Paper (3 growing to adulthood, 1 frozen in stage one) 1 x male Pillow 1 x male Plated Colossus - 1 x female Plated Colossus 6 x male Purple - 6 x female Purple 1 x female Pyralspite (Spessartine) 2 x male Red-finned Tidal 1 x female Royal Blue 1 x male Royal Crimson 3 x male Autumn - 3 x female Autumn 1 x male Spring - 1 x female Spring 1 x male Summer - 1 x female Summer 1 x female Winter 1 x female Seawyrm pygmy 1 x male Seragamma wyvern - 1 x female Seragamma wyvern 4 x male Silver - 1 x female Silver 1 x male Sinii Krai 1 x male Siyat (Green) - 1 x female Siyat (Green) 1 x female Siyat (Blue) 1 x female Siyat (Purple) 1 x male Skywing - 2 x female Skywing 1 x female Speckle-Throated 4 x male Spinel wyvern (Red) 2 x female Spirit Ward 2 x male Spitfire - 2 x female Spitfire 1 x male Split - 1 x female Split 1 x male Spotted Greenwing - 1 x female Spotted Greenwing 6 x male Stone - 5 x female Stone 2 x male Storm - 1 x female Storm 1 x male Stripe (White) 3 x female Striped-river 1 x male Sunstone - 1 x female Sunstone 2 x female Swallowtail 1 x male Terrae - 2 x female Terrae 1 x male Tetra 1 x male Tri-Horn wyvern 1 x female Turpentine 1 x male Two-Headed Lindwyrm (Purple) - 2 x female Two-Headed Lindwyrm (Purple) 2 x male Two-Headed Lindwyrm (Green) 3 x male Undine - 3 x female Undine 1 x male Water - 1 x female Water 2 x male Water Walker - 2 x female Water Walker 1 x female Waterhorse 3 x male Whiptail - 1 x female Whiptail 2 x female White 1 x male Yellow-Crowned - 2 x female Yellow-Crowned Second Generation 2 x female Carina 2 x male Dusk Pygmy 2 x male Geode 1 x female Hellhorse 1 x male Shallow Water - 1 x female Shallow Water 1 x male Spinel wyvern (Green) - 1 x female Spinel wyvern (Green) 1 x male Storm-Rider 2 x male Stripe (Black) - 2 x female Stripe (Black) 2 x male Stripe (Blue) - 2 x female Stripe (Blue) 2 x male Stripe (Red) - 2 x female Stripe (Red) 2 x male Stripe (Green) - 2 x female Stripe (Green) 1 x male Two-Finned Bluna - 2 x female Two-Finned Bluna Dreamy Things 2G Black alts from Arias Any 2Gs from Snow or Floral-Crowned Spriters Alts 3G Snow from Gold Shimmerscale unrelated to I'm the Main Character Now 2G Bronze Shimmerscale from male Antarean for Dusted Scales 2G Bronze Shimmerscale from Mistletoe for Lucima Pearl 2G Radiant Angel from Spriter's Alt (not S e p h i r o t h) x Kingcrowne for Shadowed Sunshine 2G Caligene from male Silver Shimmerscale for Bonefeathers 4G Magma from female Bronze Shimmerscale unrelated to And We Melt Into Sparkles 4G Winter from male Silver Tinsel unrelated to We Breathe Alone in Winter 2G Floral-Crowned from Silver Tinsel for Pale Leaves and Light Mirage 5G Sunsong from male Silver Shimmerscale unrelated to Kami no Fange 2G Blue Firegem from female Silver Tinsel for With Nightfall Came Our Dreams 3G Caligene from male Bronze Tinsel unrelated to Rohan Wings 4G Gold from female Gaia Xenowyrm unrelated to Mothertree's Sins 2G Silver Tinsel from male Sapphire Herald for Skies Bleed Deeper In Moonlight A Suitable Mate for Deepwater Dreams (I know this is subjective, it's a struggle) Any 2G from Ghostfeathers (Sweetling Spriter's Alt) - it's my fave SA Any Snow or Floral-Crowned x Prize lines - MUST BE CHECKERS
  17. Happy to make Donations! I can't vouch for the breeding cooldowns on all my Xenos, but I'm pretty sure my Thalassas and Astrapis are all on cooldown right now. I think I have some of my Mageias free, but all my Gaias, Chronos, and Pyros are open for business. (also, side note, I raised a 2G Red-Tailed Wyrm from Pumpkin at the start of this month and I am 98% sure that it counted towards my total count, because I haven't yet raised any other Wyrms and I have one tick of progress towards my raffle req.)
  18. Love LOVE the Ash dragons, gonna have to hoard them. So excited to breed them with my Fells!
  19. GoNs are so frustrating. Although, not nearly as frustrating as the Prize raffles are (at least to me and many others, even if not everyone). We can all wish upon a star for better Summons success I suppose
  20. My first GoN was stolen on Sep 06 2015, and my second GoN was stolen Aug 10 2016. Been trying ever since with no luck. Admittedly, I only joined DC July 2015, so there is that
  21. (off-topic but) I don't know about that, it might have just been your RNG. I got my first one on my first attempt, my second not too long after that, and I've been trying for my third for years without success.
  22. Oh god summoning. I *still* haven't managed to get my third GoN, and it's utterly frustrating. Seriously one of the worst parts of this game - and Prize raffling is the same, except for every successful win, a dozen other players *must* fail
  23. @Kaini Yeah, I think that would be an awesome little addition - it adds an element of fun to the Cave that experienced hunters can play around with, but it doesn't inconvenience inexperienced hunters any with another mechanic they MUST learn in order to effectively play.
  24. For what it's worth, I fully support giving the 'Holiday Dragons' real names, rather than just their release index. As for the breed sort - I support ALL Holidays (all events) sorting together on Legacy breed sort, but I don't sort by Legacy and it's very very frustrating to me that all of my Val/Halloween dragons are on the pages I'd expect for their breed name, but I have to scroll through two or three pages of "Holiday's dragons to find the Snow I'm looking for. I own a lot of Snows. It's very annoying that I can't just jump to my S section on my scroll (I'm fairly good at knowing whereabouts any given letter is likely to be on my scroll) and look through them there.
  25. In terms of affecting the drop rate of dragons in the cave, I think the only way this could work in a non-aggravating manner would be if it specifically targeted rare dragons, making certain breeds more common in certain weather conditions (whether by individual weather conditions or severity of biome weather). And in the end, I think that's a lot of programming work that TJ just isn't going to want to do, especially now that the Marketplace is a thing. That said, I *love* the idea of having scroll-based weather for each individual user that we could use to manipulate our own dragons. Most likely in the form of BSAs for certain dragons (Storms making it stormy, Frostbites/Ices giving snow (or even a frost condition for Frostbites that has a different effect), Embers of Hellfires starting fires, Magmas making different geothermal conditions) and really the options are endless. Especially if each condition only lasts for an hour (or less) or until a new weather condition is triggered. We could even do things like have Moonstones affect the moon and allow out of rotation breeding of Lunar Herald or Lumina colours - have the Chronos have the ability to get out of season Seasonal breeding's, or Fire Gems in the wrong hour. And with those it could even be a compound effect; repeated use of the Chrono BSA pushes time forward another increment until it wears off or you use a different weather condition. (ie, it's Summer now so one use gets you Autumn breedings, two gets you Winter, three gets you Spring - and same logic applied to Heralds and Firegems). Ooh, I love the idea of having BSA affected scroll-specific weather.