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  1. Caught a musky in the desert! The situation seems to clear itself \o/ Edit: oops, apparently I was just lucky ^^"
  2. I'm not 100% sure, but I think I saw a gryffindor egg in volcano the split second there were eggs... the bug intensifies...
  3. I saw the two first eggs in Volcano a minute ago, but they lasted 5 sec and couldn't grab one...
  4. Wow oO for once my insomnia was useful ^^ Caught two of them, I can't wait to see them catch!
  5. They are beautiful oO I remember the freckled from requests, and the Floret... Wow... congratulations to the spriters!
  6. Happy Halloween to everybody! These eggs and codes look awesome :3
  7. HAVE CB Z coded Grave egg WANT CB Halloween egg, 5 days or less or CB Halloween hatchling Make an offer on my egg!
  8. HAVE CB Grave WANT (1:1) CB Desipis CB Witchlight Traded, thanks!
  9. Both duotone and Nexus look good, you're right ^^ I guess I'll have to do them all
  10. I can't make any pattern right now, but won't they look good with Nexus?
  11. Ruby Eyes: nope, I trusted them. Would it have been different?
  12. My Setsong and my Risensong refused to go near each other... Now I have to breed a new pair :'(
  13. Nofnof

    Z Project

    CB Duotone Claim my egg! Find him a good home!
  14. Nofnof

    Z Project

    Edit: Found two Z'striped in the AP, one white and one blue. Both are 2G. Gifting, but if you want to send me back something don't hesitate Claim my eggs!
  15. Thanks ^^ that's what I thought, but I wanted to be completely sure
  16. Sorry if this has already been asked, but I didn't find anything via google ^^' Can I influence on the specie of an egg when pairing two different dragons? I am making a Almandine/Spirit Ward checker and for now, I only had Spirit Ward when breeding. I managed to get 2G almandine via trading, but now that I engage 3rd gen, it's quite problematic :/ Is it just a mix of luck and patience or can I do something to increase my karma? Thanks a lot
  17. Nofnof

    Z Project

    Apparently, no one wants this shy pink for trade... z07mF Care to find him a loving family?
  18. I'm starting with male Monarch. This is my favorite set for now
  19. I wasn't sure about doing a Nebula lineage. Now I now what I'll do ^^ Both eggs are cure, and the hatchis seem... interesting Caan't wait to see them hatch!
  20. I have an indecent luck lately. I managed to catch (all CB) : Black zyu with a name (Hans G) 2 spessartine Pyralspite 2 almandine Pyralspite a purple Dino 2 cheese 1 ice 2 xenowyrm, a thalassa and a gaia All of them are still eggs or hatchies on my scroll, and everytime I look at them I can't believe it ^^ (Okay, Karma striked back by making my two 4g pure bred duotone not having an egg, so I have to wait one more week before having the mate for my 5G, but, I think I'll live )
  21. Nofnof / Nofindale's wishlist ~ If "Egg" is not precised, I accept hatchlings I always need any types of rare. The one precised are the one I need in priority. Rare - CB or low Gen nice breed Silver - CB or low Gen nice breed Gold - Red Dino/Yoshi Egg - Yellow Dino/Yoshi Egg - CB Almandine Pyralpite, 2Gen Almandine from female Spirit Ward - Uncommon - CB Sunrise - CB Sunsong Amphiptere - CB Monarch - 2Gen Risensong from male Sunrise - 2Gen Setsong from male Sunset - Common - A
  22. Please add me to the lists Forum Name: Nofnof Scroll Link: https://dragcave.net/user/Nofindale PM Link: https://forums.dragcave.net/messenger/compose/?to=220422 Proof that I read the rules: Orange List Request: Dino/Yoshi Yellow