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I adore Arcana, Witchlights, Marrows, Yulebucks, and Plated Colossus dragons. My scroll name is ScuraDraca, and if there's ever anything you'd like to trade for a baby feel free to PM me. I dont bite (much).

My dream dragons are: a halloween created by me (and anyone else that wants to help), 2g from black RA, 2g from Penk/Hershel, 2g from King Louen Leoncoeur, 2g from any alt Aegis.


I accept IOUs. Pm me to discuss!

I am currently hoarding Arcanas, Leodons, and CB 2019 DC Birthday dragons. If you would like any rares in exchange for an IOU of any of these, PM me to discuss.


I also make CB Neglected in exchange for IOUs of CB Infinity Stone (2019 DC Birthday Release) hatchies.


My dream: to have 2g holidays from Hershel, S E P H I R O T H, Advent of Sephiroth and Advent of Cloud.

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