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  1. just a simple message to xTango: um hello, I just wanted to try to maybe clarify some things from the first dicussion, about assexuality, which if it helps you, you can use the term "nonsexual", that's up to you. One of your main arguments was about masturbation, but that can be easily explained through brain chemistry. One possible answer to why they feel little to no sexual attraction to anything, could be that the signals in their brains are crossed or not there. But why masturbate? Pleasure. I'm sure you know this anyway, but I'll state for others reading. Dopamine, the main chemical for our "reward center" and in biological essence the cause of most if not all pleasure, is used, just as stated, for everything pleasurable from eating good food, to watching shows, reading, videogames, and more importantly to this, masturbation. We, of course, associated it to sexual gratification, but that is actually, well, "all in our head," as in it's only because we mentally associate it with that, but what gives it pleasure is actually independent of it. As long as there is stimuli, our bodies will respond, and it will "feel good." So my suggestion to you, is those that our not inclined to sexuality can still feel the act of "self love" as pleasurable yet have nothing to do with it's usual connections to sex. Of course, intellectually they would know, but it wouldn't have that same nuance. And, why not do it? Even they are still human, just as "addicted" to dopamine like the rest of us. as for the sex/gender thing, I know you are going for the strict biological definition of sex, XX and XY, of course there are casses of XXY, XXX, XYY, etc. but I'm here actually to help you in stated it clearly this is what you are mean in sex and gender being different. I myself have no opinion on if there is more than two biological sexes, though the examples I posted above, maybe a case for their being more, but nothing I prefer to wait for science for a definitive answer, which I don't think there is one just yet. P.S. on a more personal note: The misunderstanding from others, I think, is less of them having any lack of knowledge and much more on, well, your general antagonistic attitude, you may not mean that, but it's how you come across and can affect how well you are understood. EDIT: (Txango, sorry for getting it wrong)
  2. This game, and games like this are insidious for me. I love it so much it hurts, and I was killing myself during my geno run. Which I regret, I should have just watched a LP, but it's done. I just wanted to ask what was one thing that really surprised you in this game? It could be anything in the story, game mechanics, music, whatever just something the gave you pause good or bad. For me it was the "remembrance" mechanic, it only got me once and it was at the beginning. See I got Undertale actually fairly close to when it came out, so there was still unknown parts and I like going into things blind. Anyways, I'm not going to put spoilers because it's so close to the beginning, First game ever in this, I'm having a blast sparing left and right, the adorable quirkiness hitting me in the heart, and Toriel, goat mom, god way too cute, then I try to leave, now you all know what happens you are forced to fight, I of course did what I thought was only possible, talk, that didn't work, spare, the that "didn't" work, I never thought to try to keep sparing, silly me. So I'm thinking in classic RPG fashion, hey, how about I just weaken her then spare? That turned out fantastic, you all know, and once it blows in my face that I killed someone I liked and didn't want to hurt in the first place, and then her death speech. That thing went right through me, and I didn't want to accept that so I reloaded my save, Everything cool right? get back to that point and the scene changes, and I go cold, I wasn't expecting her to "remember" and I was just stunned. It's very silly VERY, but I was so spooked, that I reset the entire game in hopes that everything would be okay. I still laugh at myself that.
  3. I was taken a little aback seeing yesterday's ep. Mostly he's 14?! But they present in the ep a logical explanation so it's cool, but it makes me think, it is already known that Steven won't live as old as a gem, but that doesn't mean he'll have a human life-span either. I hope he can handle that. Oh another thing that I'm sure made most confused is not just his size but maturity, but then I got to thinking, he doesn't got to school or socialize typically, Greg is no font of maturity, and the gems' well Pearl and Garnet's discipline is strictly on "gem stuff." So Steven is pretty free to just like whatever and do things for fun, makes him seem a bit immature, but I think it's kinda a good thing. Now this thought is a little technical, but there is also the whole "slow growth" thing that could be the case, I mean he doesn't show much of the emotional instability teenagers have, but that's reading too much into it. tl;dr version a nice lore-way to explain surprise in this ep. ps. Still very excited for the rest of the week, I could get into how I love steven bombs and hate them but i've talked too much. Ciao
  4. Just checked, the game is now working for me! Hapry Holimas!
  5. This is my first christmas here, excited for my first holiday egg, though I hope whatever is blocking the story is fixed soon... I'm so eager to play it!
  6. I was very skeptical at first, now, it's alright. I'm a huge fan of Parodies, and other crossovers so, alternate selves was no issue for me. But, I do hope it kinda stops, I mean, it might not, but three is MORE than enough.
  7. Season five has been doing pretty well so far, got me worked up for it then SLAM! mid-season hiatus! Ugh... For this, and all shows, is one thing I get annoyed with, in a good way. Hey, does thread mind Equestria Girls? If not, what's your thoughts with this Games one coming out? I'll most likely just wait for it to be aired on the channel to watch it.
  8. Not too much activity, heh? Oh well. I don't know how to really feel about Davepeta, I was so happy that Nepeta was back in there in some form, but then POOF! Gone just like that again. Sigh...