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    Sad songs

    Cancer - My Chemical Romance That is one of the saddest sons for me. My aunt died of cancer a few years ago so that really hits home for me.
  2. I chose other. My favorite is My Chemical Romance!
  3. I played in band for three years and I learned the french horn and alto horn. Both were really fun actually! Im learning to play the guitar now and im hoping to learn the violin after I get a grasp on that. Maybe even the drums! I think part of it was is my mom was in the marching band in her high school and my older sister was in band in her highschool. Its in my blood I guess.
  4. I need to read some of those, actually! Im going to read A Tale of Two Cities soon for history plus others I cant remember the name of right now.
  5. I havent seen a thread for this yet, so I decided to make it! What is your favorite classic book or books? Any recommendations for some? My personal favorites are To Kill A Mocking Bird, Where The Red Fern Grows, Moby Dick, Black Beauty, to start on some! So, yeah, discus below!
  6. I love the Night Glory Drakes! I have one currently, and im hoping to get a Day Glory one to breed with her. It was funny, my Night Glory (Who will hopefully mature soon), was my first dragon that I ever got on here and I had no prior knowledge about the site or anything. Needless to say I was shocked when I found out I got an uncommon one on my first grab.
  7. Oh man that is creepy. Id be abandoning that game in a heartbeat. I guess ive read too many game glitch Creepy Pastas. But id seriously freaky, even moreso considering no one else said they had had that happen to them Id love to see the screen shots sometime if you can find them!
  8. Im not sure if anyone has mentioned it, but The Sims 3 has a ton of glitches that are just amazingly hysterical. From floating kids, from animals becoming practically monsters. Its amazing, hysterical also. Theres several tumblr accounts that are just pictures of the glitches. I would suggest not drinking anything while looking at them because you may spew drink on your laptop. Not really a glitch but also when I first started playing Minecraft I thought flying in Creative Mode was a glitch. I deleted several worlds because of it. I felt like a total idiot when I found out it wasnt a glitch.