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    SPQR: Check out some melodic death metal bands, for instance Insomnium, they have a song with singing and death growls alternated and it sounds much different to the style that bothers you (: On another note, does anyone here actually do screamed vocals? I've messed around with it and I find it really fun, since I'm not a very capable singer despite my friends' protests to that point,, it's nice to be able to let rip with some form of powerful vocals..
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    Melo-death metal

    I really enjoy bands such as Insomnium and Becoming the Archetype.. Any other beautifully written stuff out there? \m/
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    Christian bands

    As I Lay Dying (before Lambesis had issues with steroids.. :/ but hey people are only human..) For Today Oh Sleeper In The Midst Of Lions Impending Doom Becoming The Archetype I believe these are all Christian metal bands, unless I am mistaken. But not all metal bands with Christian members identify themselves as "Christian bands"
  4. Snoop Dogg: It was the nizzle before Chrismizzle, and deep in the hizzle...
  5. I must say despite many people's disdain for The Elder Scrolls Online - now that there is no subscription I am happily playing an Altmer sorcerer and quite enjoying the game.. Though I wish there were organized vampire clans in the Aldmeri Dominion, I'm looking to attain the blood gift and it's proving elusive.