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  1. Newbie Request! Forum Name: dark_and_stormy_heart Scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/dark_and_stormy_heart PM link: ? Egg Request: Hellhorse or Pyro Xenowyrm Do you have any dead eggs on your scroll? Yep If so, why? One is because I misclicked when egg hunting and I'm a bit impatient and the other was a Flamingo that I mistook for a Pink. I severely dislike Flamingo dragons. Oops forogt my fave animal is either a horse, dog cat, or dragon but i really don't have a fav
  2. Username: dark_and_stormy_heart Name: Poden Code: JxcTq Gender: Male Species: Xenowyrm (Chrono) Age: 46 Mate: Xocc {Hellfire Wyvern} [dark_and_stormy_heart] Personality: Poden is usually pretty calm, and doesn't like other dragons(except for Xocc, whom he loves with a passion). He's really the only one who can calm her down when she's super-mad. Appearance: Poden looks pretty normal, but his scales have a slight greenish-orange tinge. Background: (I'm terrible at backgrounds so sorry if this sucks) As a hatchling, Poden wandered away from the nest where humans found him. At first they were nice, but when he bit a really annoying child, they decided to send him to the arena, where he was put in the same cage as Xocc. Xocc doesn't know it, but the only reason Poden even survived his first fight was the major crush he had for her. Skills/Talents: Because of his odd scale color, Poden is great at being limp and generally ill-looking, which is how he's managed to survive this long. He's not that great a fighter, but the humans think he is because, in every fight, he knows that if he loses he'll never see Xocc again. He can't fight like that too often, though, because it exhausts him to the point where he needs a couple weeks to recover. He's just not a fighter. Name: Xocc Code: JWMXw Gender: Female Species: Hellfire Wyvern Age: 44 Mate: Poden {Chrono Xenowyrm} [dark_and_stormy_heart] Personality: Xocc is feisty and sassy, and hates all males except Poden. She also looks down on all other females, unless they're Hellfires. Sometimes she goes into a rage for no particular reason, and then only Poden can calm her down. Appearance: Xocc looks pretty normal, but her flames are a brighter blue than most Hellfires' flames. Background: When the humans put Poden into Xocc's cage, she completely ignored him... until he came back alive from his first fight. Despite having had a mate who died in the arena, and a Hellfire child with him, Xocc tells Poden that that was the moment she fell in love with him. Skills/Talents: Xocc is oddly talented at fighting, and being a mother(though not at the same time.) Other: The cake is a lie!