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  1. O.o I was not expecting everyone to like that idea. EDIT: I really don't know why I wasn't expecting people to like the idea... I mean, wings on a cat. Who (aside from maybe the cat) wouldn't like that?
  2. Back in July, I think, when I'd first joined, I saw an egg in the cave that said "When you go near this egg, your hair stands on end." And I thought, "Static electricity. Must be an Electric dragon!" So I grabbed it, and I saw the sprite, and I thought, "Oh, that's not an Electric dragon!" And I abandoned it. To make a long(ish) story short: I abandoned a CB Thunder egg. I really wish I'd known better... *sigh*
  3. holl0715 --> Thalassa Xenowyrm : Z7iAr
  4. Dancer of Demons. And yes, that Avatar of Destruction really is just a flaming Desipis.
  5. Those wings are awesome! I bet they'd look good on that cat
  6. Oh hello to my little sister, what are you doing in this thread? I drop... Some old time rock and roll!
  7. Ten! Has anyone else noticed that we're one page 314? Pi anyone?
  8. Eeep cold! I drop a Dark Myst Pygmy on the person below me!
  9. Three - way tie between Chaotic Fondue, I'm Not Broccoli, and Y U Do Dat
  10. Zee will go to the castle. ((What kind of dragon has she become?))