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  1. Still can't figure this out, somebody please help?
  2. Help, I'm on phone and I can't figure out how to chop down the tree!
  3. I can't figure out how to chop down the tree. :/ help? EDIT: And I got my Silver trophy just in time for the breeding to start!
  4. Ermac n' Cheese lol Also, I think Maggie/Maggot Lava Breath is the daughter of one of my Magmas.
  5. AAAAAAH I FOUND IT WHY HAS THERE BEEN NO POSTS FOR NEARLY A YEAR I had to look through around four pages to find this thread. Four! Anyway. My favorite of the brothers is probably Dean. Sure, he can be an idjit sometimes, but he means well. I would rather have (arch)angel powers. Specifically Gabriel powers. I mean, come on! Who wouldn't want to make candy appear out of thin air? Also, the Changing Channels type stuff. Think of the endless sibling prank possibilities... I really love the show. I love the action, I love the comedy, I love that season 7 was just one big d*** joke - heck, I love the antagonists! (Except Metatron. That guy is the Umbridge of Supernatural.) I also love the dedication of the fans. I mean, this is the third night in a row that I will get little to no sleep because I am watching Supernatural. And a few weeks ago I told my friend "hey, season 10's on netflix now" and he goes "what? Are you sure?" And I'm like "yeah I'm sure I've been watching it" and he's all like "you're ahead of me?" Then two days later he texts me "done" and I'm like "what?" And he's like "I finished season 10" and I'm like "good job dude." My favorite character is either *takes deeeep breath* Gabriel, Lucifer, Bobby, Crowley, Sherrif Jody Mills, or Charlie. Okay, it's mostly a tie between Gabriel and Charlie. (Spoiler) I was devastated when Charlie died! And also when Metatron tricked us into thinking Gabe was back but he wasn't. Sooo... Hi, my name is Stormy, and I am a Supernatural addict. Being a fan isn't about being there from the very beginning. It's about sticking with the show until the very end. (Also, does anyone know a good mobile-friendly website to watch the show on? I finished season 10 and I didn't start taping season 11 until episode 3 or 4.)
  6. BEANS what here *shoves a bean-related drawing by dirtytabs at thread*
  7. Pookie, I'm not tired but it's 4:30 in the morning where I am. How do I sleep? (Not that I want to, I want to watch Supernatural.)
  8. Granted. But you can't control it. Or turn it off. *evil laughter interrupted by falling anvil* I wish Supernatural were real. (I know, kind of a stupid thing to wish for. But I've seen enough of the show to know how to survive. Hopefully.)
  9. Thanks oddinomaly now I have one more game to be addicted to
  10. Granted - You get a brain, and then eat it because you are a zombie. I wish for... not needing to sleep at all ever so I can bingewatch Supernatural instead!
  11. It's a tie between Don't Touch the Red Button and the four Neglected's conversation. (Have You Seen My Ear, I Might Have Seen Your Ear, I Think He Has Your Ear, and I Don't Have Your Ear)
  12. Aaah the little magelight! So adorable! And Stellaluna22, what about barbecue beans? Those can be kinda spicy. Or red beans and rice.
  13. Krampus dragon? That would be utterly AMAZING! Although this is my first Christmas with Dragon Cave, so I'm cool with whatever. But a Krampus dragon would be totally awesome. Maybe it would have a black and red color scheme.
  14. I really cannot believe no-one's thought of Gold-Aangit yet
  15. I want to join! Scroll Name - dark_and_stormy_heart Forum Name - dark_and_stormy_heart PM Link - PM me? ;D
  16. I want to sign up! Forum name: dark_and_stormy_heart Scroll name: dark_and_stormy_heart Wishlist: 1. Neglected, CB Gold, CB Silver 2. CB Copper (any color), alt Black 3. any unbreedable (chicken, Dino, Paper, Cheese) CB Xenos (doesn't matter what type), alt Vine, alt Undine 4. Seasonal, Pink, Purple, Avatar of Change, Avatar of Creation 5. a mate for this or this would be nice, or a Falconiform with a lineage similar to this but to be (only slightly)more realistic I want a 4EG PB Blusang or a mate for this gorgeous Fever. 6. any hatchlings to be used for freezing, and Luminas. I love Luminas. Breeding abilities: I can breed: 3EG PB Blusangs, 4EG PB Blusangs, Trios (though my male Ice can be stubborn), Gemshards, Golds, Red Dorsals, any manner of commons, Shallow Waters, Hellhorses, Ultraviolets, 2G PB Golden Wyverns, Avatars, Lunar Heralds, BSA's, Nebulas, pretty lineaged Prizes, any Pyralspite, Tan Ridgewings, Soulpeaces, Spirit Wards, Striped, Seasonals, Vampires, and any Xeno. Catching abilities: I don't do very much cave hunting, but I seem to have a thing for catching BSA'd dragons. Trading abilities: Between catching and breeding, I have most things covered, but I can trade for things like alts and nicely lineaged rares.