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  1. I have entered! There were so many pretty dragons, I can't wait for the results.
  2. Darklings Aren't Meant To Fly - is that a Shadow and Bone reference? *crosses fingers*
  3. Well I'm stealing some dinos from you. > All mine now!
  4. You have to bite the egg. Actually bite your device screen over the egg image. Or print an image of the egg and bite that. My orange egg turned olive green, is it dying? What do I do?
  5. Mage I was looking at your wallpapers that you've made and I really like them! Could I request a wallpaper with Charlie, Felicia Day's character in Supernatural? Here's some reference picture if you need them.
  6. First off, if you have not read the Grisha trilogy and/or Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, GO READ IT. Read the Grisha trilogy before 6oC, because spoilers. If you've already read it, join the club! This thread's pretty simple, just post which of the books you've read, what you think of them, your favorite character in each, what type of Grisha the quiz says you are, what type you identify as, and any other Leigh Bardugo stories you may have read. My little brother and I read the books together, and we get sidetracked a lot and come up with amusing scenarios with the book characters, so you may occasionally see sketches or short comics in here that I've drawn based off of those ideas. With the art I'll post the original idea and the context that it came from, if I can remember it. So! I'll go first. My name is Stormy, and I have read (in this order): Shadow and Bone Siege and Storm Ruin and Rising Six of Crows Verse Chorus Verse (the short story Leigh did for Slasher Girls and Monster Boys, which is a collection of scary stories by YA authors) and Crooked Kingdom, the second book of Six of Crows. My favorite character for Shadow and Bone is Alina, my favorite character for Siege and Storm is (SPOILERS) Sturmhond/Nikolai (who is also my book boyfriend) , and my favorite character for Ruin and Rising is either Genya or Harshaw. As for Six of Crows, my favorite character is Nina. My Grisha test said I was a Darkling, but I identify as a Durast (Materialnik, Fabrikator, whatever you wish to call it.) I love all Leigh's books, and was introduced to them by her best friend. Who is the co-leader (along with my mom) of my little sister's Girl Scout troop I will have a banner for this thread soon, in the meantime go for it!
  7. Hey GoldeenTrix, do you do banners? I'm making a thread for the Grishaverse and I'm looking for someone to make a banner for it. I can bribe pay you with eggs if need be.
  8. I cannot remember how to make a piece of text invisible because it's a spoiler, how do I do this?
  9. Ahhhh Tabs that's great! And what you drew for my request a few pages ago is great too I haven't checked the forums in a while. Can I request something with a Chrono Xeno or two and some ? (by which i mean doctor who-related) Or possibly with the song "Time Warp" from Rocky Horror Picture Show (edit for spelling)
  11. I can't figure out the solution to the frozen lake, help?
  12. Yes, demons can do whatever they want, but angels can too, plus they're less likely to get killed since a lot of hunter know demons exist but veeery few hunters know angels exist, much less how to kill/get rid of them, whereas most hunters know at least an excorcism or two. So I think angel powers would be better, simply because less people know angels exist.
  13. The maintinence got extended to 01:00 server time... and I just bred a batch of four eggs, too. I want to incubate mah eggies! Let me on! EDIT: It got extended again, this time to 01:30 server time. It gets extended a third time I'm just gonna sleep and check it in the morning since I'm in CST (GMT -6)
  14. I HAVE NO IDEA And I can't get past Joe, there's a door in the back of the shop but I can't get to it!