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  1. ya know what, Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo is a really good book and I have not seen a lot of talk about it. It has a sequel, too, called Crooked Kingdom. It is a YA fantasy novel, and it's not like, "Oh, we gotta save the world because if we don't everybody dies! we're doing this for the good of the world!" It's more like "guys, we gotta save the world. if we don't, we don't get paid." it's beautiful and gay and i absolutely love it. six teens have to break into the most secure place in the world to keep the secret of a really bad drug from getting out, and they're (mostly) only in it for the money. it's the best book ever and has pretty much ruined other ya fantasy books for me, because none are as good as SoC.
  2. Pride Egg Transfer Form: Sent by: Trickseh Received by: dark_and_stormy_heart Egg Lineage Url: here!
  3. You can go ahead and do that if you want, Dragoness, and I can breed some more stuff too
  4. The Moon In The Water - is that a reference to the Old English myth The Buried Moon?
  5. Halpime Freezintodeth I have no idea, I'm pretty sure that that one was either named by one of my siblings or named in the middle of the night. :/
  6. Ten Minutes Before Lights Out Your dragon's names are very poetic! I think they're really pretty.
  7. Sure! It might be a good idea to get a banner made - I can talk to a couple people about that if you like. I know Clya makes really cool banners - they made three for my dragon request.
  8. I would like to obtain a Pride Egg Link To Scroll: here is my scroll ~Please add me to the waiting list~
  9. This is a really good idea! I have a 3rd generation PB Blusang for whenever you start accepting donations - I just bred it, so I won't need to hatch it for a while.
  10. They'll only breed if you have at least 31 of each type of Lunar dragon, and if the stars are aligned just right. What is this egg that is much smaller than the others?