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  1. I'm (kinda) back! Because I'm so bored... help.
  2. Well, Clove is back and is surprised that a new topic is here. Did the old one get deleted? If so, really a shame. So many memories...
  3. I'm back I couldn't stay away for long Don't think I'm really back tho because I'm not really back, just taking a visit.
  4. See y'all later, guys. I'm finally gonna log out for good. I care so much about all of you.
  5. Hey guys. It's Clove, I have an important announcement. I might be leaving Dragon Cave. I know this is sudden. But I just don't like to play any more. Now that I've found a forum that suits me much better, I think I'd better be there instead. Lagie, I love your fun, peppy attitude. Stay cool. Fortune, stay happy, welcome all the new members of this chatroom with a funny post. Water Scorpion, I wish I could have stuck around little longer to be your friend. I regret losing that chance. I might be back someday. Purple, I want to talk to you more. Shoot me a message, I'll lurk around every once in a while. Everyone else, I'm sorry I have to go. I just don't want to play the game anymore, so there's no point of sticking around. Who knows, maybe I feel really bad and come back, but I sure as hell won't be active. Goodbye. <3, Clove
  6. I have returned! I'm so sorry for the hiatus, guys! I've been obsessed with a new forum!
  7. So the site is forever locked into Beta?
  8. Hey, do you guys know a wolflover0405? She's one of my friends off this site, but she deleted her account on the one place I can contact her.
  9. Petpet Park closed down two years ago, and I'm still heartbroken. (WHYYYYY)
  10. Hey,it's clove. I'm just here because I'm bored, I am sorry for leaving for the past few days. Bye.
  11. A bug just crawled out of my blanket. I just killed it.
  12. Thanks. Do you have any materials to build a boat? I need to do some web surfing.
  13. *sniff* Thanks, Lagie. I need some food for an Internet quest, so can I take some of this?
  14. Warrior Cat Forums. I know there's gonna be a new forum made by the formers, but I'm still upset.
  15. Books, cats, fuzzy blankets and cookie jars with cookies
  16. My first forum is closing down. They won't even make an archive.
  17. *glomps Purplehaze while crying* Purple... Please give me some advice, or anything to make me feel less like this, and more like myself?
  18. 154. And then click the breed button you have created.
  19. *Is sobbing in background* Goodbye WCF... I'll miss you forever... Why did you close so soon?
  20. 152: Give the principal an apple pie... Stuffed with Pygmy dragons.
  21. I'm planning on it. Here's a preview! Lagie put her chin up, and spoke. "There was a time where CPA could be free from villains and hatred. There was a time where the forums were peaceful. During that time, Dusky was one of us." Clove looked up in surprise. "Really?" "Yes. She was just like you, friendly, and kind, and a little talkative." "Well, why'd she go bad?" "Because of the way she looked. Everyone thought she was cruel and evil, and if that's what people thought she was, then that's what she thought she would be."
  22. *Grabs a birdseed brownie by mistake* Good luck, Lagie! Shame that Parakeet's friends are gone. I really would want to meet them. *Bites into brownie* Agh! What's in these things? Birdseed? *Looks inside* Oh...
  23. Oh, hey CD. Haven't seen you in a bit. Lapis might have been sent there to report back to Blue Diamond. But why would she only report, if she had so much raw power? She could have killed the earth by removing the oceans.